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Securing the Best Mortgage Rates and Conditions in Portugal with Brint Portugal

Navigating the Portuguese mortgage market can be complex and overwhelming. However, securing the best mortgage rates and conditions is crucial to making a sound property investment.

At Brint Portugal, we specialize in simplifying the Mortgage Process

Through Mortgage Brokers we help you get the most favorable terms for your mortgage. Our comprehensive EBA Package covers all your mortgage needs, and our Premium Concierge services provide post-investment support. Here’s how we can help you achieve your dream of owning property in Portugal:


“you completely filtered all the stress for us!” – Nikhil and Malika


Loan Interview

Evaluating the client's financial health, including income, debts, and credit history. Determining the client's borrowing capacity and advising on the best mortgage options.

Updated Market Knowledge

Accessing a wide range of mortgage products from various financial institutions. Comparing different mortgage offers to find the most suitable one for the client's needs.


Through licensed mortgage brokers, we help clients gather all required documents and organize them into a financial dossier.


Submitting the financial dossier to multiple banks to negotiate the best terms and conditions.


Negotiating terms and conditions with lenders to secure favorable interest rates and loan terms for clients.

Insurance Shopping

Seeking to minimize costs associated with the mortgage, such as fees and insurance for lower APR (TAEG)

Euribor Forecast

Our brokers stay informed about the latest Euribor trends to provide you with the best recommendations:


Providing expert advice on the different types of mortgages available, such as fixed-rate, variable-rate, and mixed-rate mortgages.


Smooth communication and processing of the mortgage application. Keeping clients informed about the status of their application and any additional requirements.

Tax Guidance

We provide clear instructions and support on how to pay the required taxes, guiding you through the specifics of the "Guias de Imposto" 24 hours prior tro your Closing Date.

On Site Translation

We are by your side throughout the process, offering personalized and on site assistance at your closing, answering any questions you may have and translating the entire Session.

Post-Investment Support

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase of your property. Our Premium Concierge package offers post-investment support to ensure a smooth transition into your new home or investment property:

Brint had the privilege to help Michael and his family to buy their house here, as their exclusive Portugal buyer's agent.

We asked him to share his experience as a seasoned real estate investor in the US, buying in Portugal. Here is his testimonial:

Complete Real Estate Process explained by our clients Malika and Nihil

Malika and Nikhil watched our videos on youtube, researched our site, and contacted our team in December 2021. By April 2022 they had their keys, and the entire process was by proxy!

Importance of Knowing the Euribor Forecast

Understanding the Euribor forecast is crucial in determining the best mortgage terms. The Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) influences the interest rates of variable and mixed-rate mortgages. Our brokers stay informed about the latest Euribor trends to provide you with the best recommendations:

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages: If the Euribor forecast suggests rising interest rates, a fixed-rate mortgage can provide stability and predictability, protecting you from future rate hikes.
  • Variable-Rate Mortgages: If the Euribor forecast indicates stable or declining rates, a variable-rate mortgage might offer lower initial rates, potentially saving you money in the short term.
  • Mixed-Rate Mortgages: A combination of both fixed and variable rates can offer a balanced approach, providing some predictability while allowing you to benefit from potentially lower rates in the future.

Our brokers analyze the Euribor forecast to recommend the best type of mortgage for your situation and the optimal length of terms to maximize your benefits.

Comprehensive EBA Package:
Your One-Stop Shop

In addition to securing the best mortgage rates, our EBA Package includes a range of services to ensure a seamless property acquisition process:

  • Document Research and Title Company: We conduct thorough research to ensure all property documents are in order and collaborate with trusted title companies to secure your investment.
  • Contract Draft and Revision: Our legal team drafts and reviews contracts to ensure all terms are favorable and legally sound.
  • Structural Inspection: Certified engineers conduct comprehensive structural inspections to ensure the property is in excellent condition.
  • Appraisal: Certified professionals perform appraisals to confirm the property’s market value, ensuring you make a sound investment.

Post-Investment Support: Premium Concierge Package

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase of your property. Our Premium Concierge package offers post-investment support to ensure a smooth transition into your new home or investment property:

  • Utilities Connection: We assist with setting up essential utilities, including water, electricity, and internet, ensuring your property is move-in ready.
  • Cleaning Services: Our partners provide thorough cleaning services, preparing your property for occupancy or rental.
  • Financial Management for Rentals: We connect you with trusted partners to handle the financial aspects of renting your property, from tenant screening to rent collection, ensuring a steady income stream and hassle-free management.

At Brint Portugal, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, client-focused services that simplify the mortgage and property acquisition process. Our expertise and dedication ensure you get the best mortgage rates and conditions, while our EBA Package and Premium Concierge services provide complete support from start to finish.

Embark on your property investment journey with confidence. Contact Brint Portugal today to learn more about our EBA Package and Premium Concierge services. Let us handle the complexities while you enjoy the rewards of your new property.

Main Differences between Exclusive Portugal Buyer's Agents and Traditional Real Estate Agents

Our unique role as your exclusive Portugal buyer’s agents differentiates us significantly from traditional real estate agents. Our service stands out by offering a cost-effective approach where the initial fee includes only necessary costs related to the property buying process, ensuring transparency and no hidden charges until the closing. This fee comprehensively covers essential services such as property appraisals by independent and bank-certified professionals, expert engineering inspections, reputable legal assistance, as well as insurance and loan coordination with skilled brokers.

Our Extended Buyer’s Agent (EBA) package is designed to leverage our established relationships with these professionals, thereby securing lower costs for you. This efficiency not only streamlines your buying experience but also offers substantial cost savings, which would be less attainable if these services were engaged independently. We coordinate each aspect of the process, aiming to achieve better rates and services, thus extending the value of your initial fee.

Clients often inquire about our earnings, given our unique fee structure. We earn commissions, similar to traditional agents, but these are typically covered by the property owner, not you. Our approach ensures that you only bear the direct costs of necessary services, while we use our expertise in negotiations to potentially increase your equity in the purchase. For instance, if our negotiation efforts save you €100,000 on a purchase, we might forgo a commission of €2,500. We see this not as a loss but as a win-win situation, where our diligent work results in your savings, leading to client satisfaction and referrals.

This model has built a robust referral base for us, with clients who have saved significantly by choosing our services often recommending us to others. The trust and satisfaction of our clients are crucial to us, as evidenced by the positive feedback and reviews we receive, both on Google and through our informative YouTube content.

Our collaboration with exclusive US and Portuguese consultants extends our working hours, ensuring seamless coordination and cost reduction. By consistently engaging with a network of certified professionals, we ensure high-quality services at better values, encompassed in a straightforward one-off fee to cover all the costs you would have anyway.

Our family-owned business, with a strong national presence in Portugal, is dedicated to providing personalized and reliable service, especially important when investing abroad. Our transparent fee structure and track record of client savings underscore our commitment to saving you both time and money.

Choosing Brint Portugal as your property investment partner means securing expert assistance, a cost-effective and efficient investment experience, and a commitment to making your property journey both rewarding and financially advantageous.

  • As your Exclusive Portugal Buyers agents, we significantly expedite the property buying process through our targeted property searches, tailored specifically to your needs, and our in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. We streamline the entire process, from initial searching to closing, by efficiently coordinating with various parties and utilizing our expert negotiation skills to secure the best deals. Our ability to identify and address potential issues in properties or contracts early on prevents time-consuming complications later. Furthermore, our personalized advice and support throughout the buying journey facilitate quicker decision-making and minimize the time you spend on research and dealing with uncertainties, making the entire experience more efficient and less time-consuming for you.
  • Traditional real estate agents, committed to professionalism and striving to balance the interests of both sellers and buyers, often face a longer property acquisition timeline due to their nature of work. Their role typically does not involve direct dealings with mortgage brokers, inspection engineers, appraisers, or in-depth document research. This absence of centralized coordination can lead to delays in managing each step of the buyer’s journey. As their responsibilities are divided between selling and buying, their approach might be less focused, causing delays at some stages – from property searching to finalizing the deal. This fragmented method may result in a protracted process for buyers, who might not face these delays when working with a exclusibe buyer’s agent focused solely on their needs.

  • Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents (EBAs): EBAs provide an all-encompassing service that includes coordination of the mortgage process, conducting title surveys, thorough documents research, and ensuring legal protection with contract drafts reviewed by lawyers. We also manage property inspections, arrange for dual appraisals (internal and external), assist in acquiring insurance, and engage in bank bidding to secure better mortgage terms. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth, end-to-end process for the buyer.
  • Traditional real estate agents, dedicated to professionalism and aiming for mutually beneficial deals, often provide a range of services that, while helpful, may not encompass the full coordination of the buying process. Their approach tends to be more segmented, offering assistance in various aspects but not necessarily managing them comprehensively. They can recommend reputable professionals but typically don’t handle interactions with these experts on behalf of the buyer.

  • In Portugal’s real estate market, the absence of a centralized MLS creates unique challenges with its multitude of listings varying in details. As Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, we bridge this gap by blending a comprehensive nationwide overview with the nuanced understanding of local premium agents in different regions. This dual approach unites the best of both worlds, allowing us to efficiently sift through the diverse property options. We collaborate effectively with reputable seller agents across the country, forming valuable partnerships in every transaction. Our robust nationwide network and quality connections open doors to exclusive off-market properties, expanding the spectrum of investment opportunities for our clients. Our operations span key areas including the Madeira and Azores Islands, Algarve, Alentejo, Lisbon, Silver Coast, Porto, and the North region. This wide coverage, combined with local expertise, ensures that we not only find the best properties but also match them to the ideal locations that align with our clients’ unique lifestyle or investment goals.
  • Traditional real estate partners, dedicated to maintaining professional integrity and striving for fair outcomes for both sellers and buyers, often have a localized scope of operation. Focusing primarily on their specific regions, they may offer a limited variety of options and insights for buyers looking to invest in different areas. This local focus can be less conducive for buyers, especially those open to exploring various regions, be it for investment purposes or as future expats. Traditional agents usually emphasize their local listings, which may lack the broader market perspective and diverse property selections advantageous for buyers with flexible regional interests.

  • AS YOUR EXCLUSIVE PORTUGAL BUYERS AGENTS, we provide access to unlimited inventory, presenting all available options in the market, regardless of who has the listing.  We also offer exclusive entry to hundreds of off-market properties through our national partners. This ensures you have an unparalleled selection of options at your fingertips and are exposed to the widest possible range of properties that fit your criteria.

  • Traditional real estate agents, while adhering to ethical standards, naturally focus on promoting properties listed by their agency first. This practice is a standard approach worldwide; as seller’s agents, they have a commitment to prioritize the properties entrusted to them by owners. Their primary aim is to sell these listings, and therefore, they often show their own and their colleagues’ listings before exploring options from other agencies. This inherent focus on their listings can sometimes restrict the initial variety of choices presented to buyers, contrasting with Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents who offer a wide array of properties from various sources right from the beginning.
  • As Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, our negotiation strategy is entirely focused on advancing the buyer’s interests. We operate without any conflict of interest, as we never represent sellers. This singular focus allows us to adopt an aggressive stance in negotiations, ensuring that we pursue the most favorable terms and conditions exclusively for our clients. Our commitment is to secure the best possible deal, whether that involves lower prices, better terms, or advantageous contingencies. Our role is to be advocates for our buyers, using every piece of information and market insight to their advantage.

  • Traditional real estate agents, who are committed to professionalism and aim for equitable outcomes, primary objective is to facilitate a deal that meets the needs of both parties, which can lead to less aggressive negotiation tactics on behalf of the buyer.

  • Our fiduciary duty as Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents is unequivocally aligned with the buyer. This commitment encompasses loyalty, confidentiality, diligence, and obedience exclusively towards our client’s interests. We are obligated to provide unbiased and honest advice, prioritize the buyer’s financial interests, and maintain absolute discretion in all dealings. Our actions and recommendations are driven solely by what is most beneficial for the buyer, ensuring that their objectives are met.

  • Traditional Real Estate Agents, committed to ethical standards and aiming to achieve positive results for sellers and buyers they represent. Their role requires balancing the seller’s goal of maximizing sale value with the buyer’s aim to minimize purchase costs. This split professional obligation can sometimes limit their capacity for strong advocacy on your behalf. In dual representation situations, their task becomes one of fair mediation, finding a middle ground between conflicting interests. This approach contrasts with Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, whose single-minded commitment to the buyer ensures focused advocacy and unwavering loyalty, leading to a more dedicated representation.

  • Our expertise as Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents is rooted in a deep understanding of the real estate market from a buyer’s perspective. We specialize in identifying factors that are crucial for buyers, such as the potential for future resale value, the growth prospects of different neighborhoods, and the long-term benefits of specific property features.  Our goal is to equip you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision, ensuring that your purchase is not only suitable for your current needs but also a valuable asset in the future.

  • Traditional real estate agents, while knowledgeable about the market, often have a broader focus that includes both buying and selling properties. Their insights are frequently aligned with selling strategies, such as understanding what features are most attractive to potential buyers or how to price a property for a quick sale. This perspective is valuable, but it can differ from the in-depth knowledge a buyer needs when making a purchasing decision. For instance, they might emphasize the appeal of a property in the current market without the same concentration on the property’s long-term growth potential or how changes in the neighborhood could affect future value. This difference in focus means that buyers might not get the full spectrum of information needed for a purchase that’s not just satisfactory now but also a wise investment for the future. Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents fill this gap by providing buyer-centric market insights and guidance.
  • As Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, our sole commitment is to the buyer, which places us in a unique position free of conflicts of interest. This singular focus means that every piece of advice we give, every property we suggest, and every negotiation strategy we employ is tailored specifically to benefit the buyer. We don’t have listings to sell or sellers to appease, so our recommendations are unbiased and purely in the interest of finding the best possible outcome for our clients. This clarity of purpose ensures that buyers receive dedicated attention and guidance that is 100% aligned with their needs and goals. The absence of divided loyalties means we can fully concentrate on securing the most advantageous deal for our clients, both in terms of price and contract terms.

  • Traditional real estate agents, committed to professionalism and integrity, often operate in dual representation roles, serving both sellers and buyers. This position, aimed at achieving satisfactory results for both parties, can lead to inherent conflicts of interest. Balancing the seller’s desire for a high sale price with the buyer’s preference for a lower price may impact their capacity to fully represent the buyer’s interests. In contrast, Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents focus exclusively on the buyer, ensuring that their clients’ needs and objectives are always the primary concern, free from the complexities of dual representation.
  • As Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, our sole commitment is to the buyer, which places us in a unique position free of conflicts of interest. This singular focus means that every piece of advice we give, every property we suggest, and every negotiation strategy we employ is tailored specifically to benefit the buyer. We don’t have listings to sell or sellers to appease, so our recommendations are unbiased and purely in the interest of finding the best possible outcome for our clients. This clarity of purpose ensures that buyers receive dedicated attention and guidance that is 100% aligned with their needs and goals. The absence of divided loyalties means we can fully concentrate on securing the most advantageous deal for our clients, both in terms of price and contract terms.

  • Traditional real estate agents, acting with good intentions and in good faith, generally aim to create outcomes beneficial for both sellers and buyers. However, when it comes to leveraging financial strategies in negotiations, they may not exhibit the same level of assertiveness as Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents. Their guidance through the pre-approval process is often part of a broader strategy to serve both parties’ interests, leading to a more generalized approach in negotiations. This dual representation can result in less aggressive use of financial tools like pre-approvals and cash offers, which are key tactics employed by Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents.
  • In our role as Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, we place a high priority on the legal and contractual aspects of property purchases. Recognizing the complexities of real estate transactions, we ensure that our buyers receive robust legal protection. This involves a thorough review of all contracts and legal documents by experienced lawyers specializing in real estate. Our aim is to identify and address any potential legal issues before they become problems. This includes clarifying terms, ensuring compliance with real estate laws, and safeguarding against any clauses that could be detrimental to the buyer’s interests. We also check if every part of the house has been legally registered to avoid potential headaches. Our approach is proactive – we don’t just react to legal challenges; we anticipate and manage them to provide a secure and legally sound transaction for our clients through lawyers and notaries.

  • Traditional real estate agents may not provide the same level of detailed legal and contractual scrutiny. For instance, they might not verify whether every room in a property is properly registered or if there are any registration issues with a pool. They may also not check environmental factors such as high humidity or potential legal complications in the paperwork. While they assist in the general transaction process with good faith, their service may not extend to the in-depth legal analysis and personalized advice that is a cornerstone of our approach as Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents. This difference in service levels can be crucial, as it impacts the degree of protection and assurance a buyer receives in their property purchase.
  • In our role as Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, we place significant emphasis on property inspections and appraisals. Understanding the crucial role these elements play, we conduct comprehensive inspections to uncover any potential issues with a property that could affect its value or suitability for the buyer. Additionally, we utilize dual appraisals — both our internal assessment and independent professional evaluations — to gain a well-rounded understanding of the property’s true market value. This dual appraisal approach provides a solid basis for informed negotiations, allowing us to advocate effectively for our clients. By identifying any discrepancies between the listed price and the appraised value, we are equipped to negotiate the price and terms more effectively, ensuring our clients pay a fair price and understand the investment they are making.

  • Traditional Real Estate Agents, committed to professional integrity and focused on achieving balanced outcomes for all parties, can encounter constraints in their dual role. This balancing act often restricts their ability to concentrate on uncovering property flaws or negotiating lower prices, as it could counter their responsibility to the seller. As a result, buyers collaborating with these agents might not receive detailed insights into a property’s true condition and market value, which can influence their negotiating power. Specifically, this limitation may affect the buyer’s opportunity to secure terms more favorable than those of the seller, as the agent’s role involves equitably managing both parties’ interests.
  • At Brint, as uoir Exclusive Portugal Buyers Agents, we provide highly personalized services, tailoring property searches and process flows to individual buyer needs, whether they are investors seeking ROI or expats looking for a smooth relocation. Offer comprehensive coordination and stress management by liaising with various service providers nationally, ensuring each buyer’s unique requirements are met effectively.

  • Traditional Real Estate Agents, while dedicated to professional ethics and focused on creating balanced outcomes for both sellers and buyers, typically adopt a more uniform approach to service. This methodology may not always account for the varied needs of distinct buyer groups like investors and expats. Consequently, they might not provide the same degree of customized coordination and tailored process adaptation that aligns with the specific objectives of different buyers.

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