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Western edge of the Tagus Estuary
Cascais <-> Lisbon: 30 km
(19 miles)
Cascais <-> Porto: 342 km
(213 miles)


(2017 Resident Population Annual Estimates)


Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters


In 1755, the great Lisbon earthquake destroyed a large portion of the city

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There are people who want to live in luxury and style. Then there are those who want to go a step further and live in only the finest homes in the most exclusive areas. For these people, there is Cascais.

Located on the western edge of the city of Lisbon, Cascais lies directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Yet it is surrounded by rolling hills, features historic homes and buildings, and is only minutes away from Lisbon’s bustling city center. In other words, Cascais has it all. Some even call it the Beverly Hills of Lisbon.

Exclusive Yet Approachable​

Many people retiring or relocating from the US, Canada, South Africa, or elsewhere are astonished to learn how affordably they can live in Portugal. And while Cascais is at the higher end of the Portuguese housing spectrum, it still offers incredible luxury and exclusivity at prices that may surprise you.

Cascais is like a garden paradise that overlooks the vast sea to the west and one of the world’s most beautiful bays to the east. It’s a modern, safe, and cosmopolitan community that values its privacy and exclusivity, which is why it is home to so many of Portugal’s most famous celebrities.

Luxury shopping is what attracts most visitors to Cascais. Stores featuring the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands dot the central shopping district offering global sophistication right in your own backyard.

Rich History and Culture​

Like all of Portugal, Cascais offers a robust range of historic sites and cultural events, including the Marechal Carmona Park, Paula Rego House of Stories, the Cascais Cultural Centre, and the world-renowned Cidadela Art District.

If you are considering a move to Portugal but want the absolute best the country has to offer, Cascais has what you are looking for. Exclusive neighborhoods, luxury homes, world-famous shopping, and culture all make it the region of choice for discriminating expatriots.

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