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Albufeira Real Estate


Algarve - South Region
Albufeira <-> Lisbon:
256 km (159 miles)
Albufeira <-> Porto:
528 km (328 miles)


44,158 inhabitants
(data from 2021).


The warm Mediterranean climate of Albufeira is known for hot dry summers and soft wet winters.


A tourist destination (due to its coastal conditions), Albufeira expands to approximately 300,000 residents during the summer and during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Albufeira Real Estate: A Prime Choice with Brint, Your Exclusive Buyer's Agent


Albufeira’s allure lies in its stunning beaches and favorable climate, which consistently draw visitors back year after year. The town is split into two distinct areas: the Old Town, brimming with atmospheric charm, and the Strip, a hub for hotels, bars, and clubs. While the Strip caters to those seeking vibrant nightlife and entertainment, the Old Town of Albufeira preserves the original essence of the area, maintaining the allure that has captivated visitors for decades.

For families or individuals looking to buy a house in Albufeira, the Old Town offers an ideal mix of peaceful living and access to local traditions and culture. Meanwhile, the more developed areas provide an array of modern facilities and conveniences, making Albufeira real estate a versatile choice for various lifestyles and preferences.

At Brint, we understand the unique needs of buyers in the Albufeira real estate market. Whether you are an investor not planning to relocate or an expat seeking a new home in Portugal, our dedicated services cover all aspects of the buying process. We assist with property management, legal matters related to investment, and provide comprehensive concierge services for family relocation, ensuring a smooth transition into your new Albufeira home.

As your exclusive buyer’s agents in Albufeira, we are committed to finding the perfect property that aligns with your specific requirements. With Brint, navigating the Albufeira real estate landscape becomes a seamless and personalized experience. Let us guide you in making a well-informed decision in this dynamic and inviting locale, as you explore the possibilities of buying a house in Albufeira.

Areias de São João, a lively district in the Algarve, is a highlight for those interested in Albufeira real estate and considering buying a house in Albufeira. Known as “The Strip” among locals, this area is famed for its dynamic nightlife, featuring an array of bars, restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. It’s particularly appealing for buyers seeking a vibrant, energetic lifestyle, making it a unique investment opportunity in the Albufeira real estate market.

This region also boasts significant historical landmarks, like the Main Church, the Clock Tower, and the Mercy Chapel, offering insights into the area’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, its proximity to Albufeira’s center means easy access to popular attractions like Zoomarine, enhancing the appeal for families and entertainment seekers.

As your exclusive buyer’s agents in Albufeira, Brint provides expert guidance in navigating the diverse real estate landscape of Areias de São João. Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a personal residence, we offer comprehensive services covering property management, legal assistance, and relocation, ensuring a seamless experience in your real estate journey. Discover the vibrant life that awaits in Areias de São João with Brint, where history and modernity blend seamlessly.


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