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Central Region
Nazaré <-> Lisbon: 121 km
(75 miles)
Nazaré <-> Porto: 213 km
(132 miles)


(2019 Resident Population Annual Estimates)


Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters


Nazaré is a very popular surfing destination because of the very high breaking waves that form due to the presence of the underwater Nazaré Canyon

Tucked into the exact middle of Portugal's famous Silver Coast is the small beach town of Nazaré

Nazare with the beach in Portugal

With a population of only about 15,000, the city is about the size of the average American small town. But the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean framed by verdant hills dotted with countless ancient ruins and stately castles, the city is anything by average.

Nazaré is one of those rare places that remain relatively undiscovered in an era of universal internet access, social media, and instant messaging. The town itself looks the same as it probably did 400 years ago, with rustic Portuguese beach houses surrounded by green, rolling hills.

And you won’t find crowds jamming its attractions, such as Alcobaça, the ancient cathedral with its 65-foot-tall nave that has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the nearby secret tombs of King Pedro I and his ill-fated mistress.


Exploring Nazaré

When outsiders do happen upon Nazaré Beach, they discover a simple yet spectacular place where time seems to move slower. The area offers everything from golden beaches to rich historical sites to towering mountains that are home to Portugal’s only ski resort.

The town itself is small enough that you can walk just about anywhere, such as Praia, the beach zone where fisherman dries their catches daily on the fine golden sand, and Sítio, the city’s historic old town area.

While most people don’t know about Nazaré, there is a certain group for which the town is legendary. From October through March, surfers from around the world flock to the town to ride its giant waves. Thanks to a rare ocean canyon that formed eons ago off the coastline, the region is known to produce some of the largest waves in the world.

Cost of Living in Nazaré

For people relocating or retiring in Portugal, Nazaré offers an incredible beachfront experience with even more unbelievable value. A three-bedroom, two-bath furnished apartment near the beach can run as low as $575/month. Everything else is amazingly affordable as well, including some of the freshest seafood available anywhere.

To learn more about moving to Nazaré or elsewhere in Portugal, talk to the experts at BRINT Portugal. We help people make their dreams of living in Europe come true and we can help you, too!

fishing boat beach nazare portugal during daytime
sitio da nazare praia da nazare view from beach lift

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