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Initial Consultation

Our independent buyer’s agents will work with multiple listing agents on your behalf. At the same time, our back office team will coordinate the entire process: real estate + mortgage + insurance + appraisal + technical inspection + title services + legal documents and protection.

We can do the entire real estate process remotely; however, if you plan to come to Portugal, depending on the time of the year, due to high demand, we recommend contacting us before scheduling your scouting trip. This will ensure we can assist in planning and coordinating your next steps based on our local market experience.

Thanks for considering Brint!  Before submitting your form, please kindly pay attention to these important points so we can better assist you:

Due to high demand, Visa coordination and assistance is only available for clients interested in the relocation package know as transition roadmap.

Concierge Services and Property Management is only available to EBA clients (Real Estate Package);

3. At the moment Golden Visas are frozen.

There are no location restrictions for D7 Visa holders. We can assist you with the visa dossier, sworn translations, deocuments coordeination, visa scheduling, and coordinate the entire process of your transition to Portugal. With our transition roadmap package we can assist you in not only finding your dream home, and lead you through the visa process, but we can also help you to adapt here by connecting utiltities, helping with insurances, buying and registering a car, changing your driver’s license, etc.

D7 Visa is recommended for clients that want to live in Portugal and have a passive income (pensions, rental, business or remote work).

We are not offering rental assistance at this moment. The embassy accepts a CPCV Agreement (Promissory Contract) instead of the rental agreement for the D7 Visa Process.

In March 2023 the government decided not to issue short term licenses for apartments (except in the islands); therefore, we are still helping clients with property management in independent houses nationwide.

With economical and political instability, distributing your eggs in many baskets is a wise thing to do. If you want to bring part of your real estate portfolio to Portugal, book a consultation in the form on the right.

Below we will share a few details about our services to help you choose the right package for you when submitting the form.

Portugal Real Estate EBA Package

Click in the image above to enlarge it. Brint is an exclusive buyer’s agency (EBA  –  a well-known concept worldwide).

We only work for the buyer. Although excellent in what they do, traditional agents are double agents, meaning they work for both the seller and the buyer; therefore, they will always try to get the best deal for the property’s owner. Also, they are not involved in or coordinate the bank loan assistance and legal protection, they usually recommend a third party, but you have to deal with multiple people, instead of having us dealing with them for you.

In Portugal, it is standard that commissions are paid by the property owner to both agents involved. In our share, we work hard to make sure you will find a one-stop agency, where we negotiate the lowest price,  best bank rates, terms, and conditions while taking care of the property’s document evaluation and legal protection, with the CPCV (promissory contract) contingencies. An agreement gives us the ability to start representing you in Portugal.

  1. Property Inspection: A detailed report with pictures will be provided (included up to 1000 €);
  2. Appraisal evaluation (included up to 250 Euros);
  3. Legal Protection: Property Documents Survey and contract drafting, adding contingencies and revisions through our legal team (included on our EBA retainer fee);
  4. Title Research;
  5. Loan Interview Form;
  6. Loan Docs Submission;
  7. Loan bid to get you the best interests;
  8. Loan Approval;
  9. Property Search;
  10. Properties Selection;
  11. Virtual Guided Tour on selected properties;
  12. Pictures and videos from the final selection;
  13. Physical visit (if you can’t come, we make videos, and take pictures of every possible issue that the house may present);
  14. If you can come, we take you for lunch, acting like a prime private “tour guide” with a real estate perspective. We show you the best areas to invest in your chosen region. This is a PREMIER service where we spend 2 full days together with you visiting properties and taking you to see the best local restaurants, places to visit, etc.;
  15. When you choose the property, we perform price research before making an offer (comps);
  16. We make a verbal proposal, and once it is accepted, you sign the written one;
  17. Tough Negotiation;
  18. Credit Broker: We prepare a dossier with all the information needed and send it to multiple banks to find the best deal for you and negotiate with multiple banks;
  19. Once you are pre-approved, the CPCV (Contract Promising to Buy and Sell) is prepared. We protect you with many clauses that are not standard on a regular CPCV document, intending to secure your down payment and ensure you have the best deal. The purchase is contingent on house inspection without structural problems and appraisal meeting the asking price;
  20. If you are not in Portugal, you will be requested to sign a power of attorney, so we can sign the CPCV on your behalf;
  21. Additionally, you need to transfer funds from your PT bank account to the property owner’s account (usually 10%); In Portugal, there are no escrow accounts, making legal protection extremely important.
  22. BRINT will sign the CPCV on your behalf if you are not present;
  23. Property Appraisal;
  24. Technical Inspection is done with the seller agent under Brint’s supervision;
  25. Documents Preparation;
  26. Deed Signature;
  27. Celebration with the Keys to your new Property in Portugal!!
  28. If you are investing here, we recommend our EBA Concierge and Property Management Package;
  29. If you are moving here, we recommend the Transition Roadmap Services;

Planning Session Interview

After your submission, if you approve, we may add your number to a WhatsApp group. If we are a match, we may schedule a zoom meeting. *WhatsApp allows us to send messages, audios, and place international calls without charges.
What services are you looking for?(Required)
Please share an estimated date to move or invest here
Portugal lends up to 70% to international qualified buyers, considering their DTI ratio (Debt to Income).

Real Estate

We are an exclusive buyer’s agent. We don’t work for the seller to avoid conflict of interest. Whether you are looking into taking advantage of the booming real estate market in Portugal for residential, holidays, or investment purposes, Brint Team will be your exclusive property buyer’s agency with years of combined experience in the Portugal real estate market.

We offer a one stop unique service that is tailored to your personal requirements, including but not limited to: airport reception, utilities setup, school research and registration, private tutors hiring, house keeping and organizing, gardening, handman servces, home decoring, etc.

Maintaining and renting out:  Owning a holiday home is a  dream  but if you don’t have someone to take care of the property while you are gone you could have a bad surprise. Some of our services include trimming the grass, cleaning the house, paying the bills, monitoring the security, testing the equipment, gas, electric, light bulbs, etc

Our Immigration Lawyer and assistants will help you throughout the process. Whether you choose the D7 or the Golden Vida, we will help you from the beginning until the end.

Click to learn more about the Visas main differences, process, costs and timeline.



We assist you on getting your personal documents without the bureaucracy. Enrollment in social security, Driver’s License Process, Assistance with Registration at the health center in your area of residence, translation of documents, etc

From the moment we meet you at the airport or answer all your questions or concerns, you will feel how we have streamlined the relocation process and have removed all the stress from enjoying our culture and the journey of investing and living in Portugal.


Complimentary Consultation:

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