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At Brint Portugal, we offer a unique blend of nationwide professional expertise and the personalized care of a family business. Our independent buyer’s agents, strategically located across the country, are dedicated to working with multiple listing agents on your behalf. Alongside this, our back office team efficiently coordinates every aspect of your property transaction, including real estate, mortgage, insurance, appraisal, technical inspection, title services, and legal documentation and protection.

We’re fully equipped to handle the entire real estate process remotely, catering to your needs wherever you are. However, if you’re planning a visit to Portugal, we recommend reaching out to us in advance, especially during peak seasons, due to high demand. By doing so, we can ensure that your scouting trip is well-planned and perfectly aligned with our extensive local market experience. Our commitment, encapsulated in our slogan “Sail Safely,” is to provide a secure, seamless, and personalized service, whether you’re investing from afar or on Portuguese soil. Trust us to make your property investment journey as safe and successful as possible, with that essential personal touch only a family business can offer.

Thank you for choosing Brint Portugal! Before you submit your form, we would appreciate it if you could carefully review the following key points. This will help us provide you with the most efficient and personalized assistance possible:

To assist you in selecting the most suitable package for your needs, we will provide some key details about our services in the following section. This information is designed to guide you in making an informed decision when filling out the submission form.

novo processo EBA

For a clearer view, click on the image above to enlarge it. At Brint, we pride ourselves on being an exclusive buyer’s agency (EBA) – a concept recognized and respected globally.

Our commitment is solely to the buyer. Unlike traditional agents who often serve as dual agents for both sellers and buyers, our focus is unilaterally on securing the best possible outcome for the buyer. Traditional agents, while skilled and honest, aim to negotiate deals primarily in the seller’s favor. In contrast, our role goes beyond this: we don’t just facilitate the property purchase. We actively coordinate bank loan assistance and provide legal protection, through title and documents research, inspection, sppraisals, etc, streamlining the process for you. Instead of you having to interact with multiple parties, we manage all these interactions on your behalf.

To better understand the entire process of what is included in our EBA Process, check our Exclusive Portugal Buyer’s Agent page.


Embark on an adventure of discovery and wise investment with Brint’s comprehensive property acquisition services. Let us be your guide and sage in navigating the exciting journey of property investment in Portugal.

  • Property Inspection: Receive a detailed report complete with photographs (included up to €1,000).
  • Bank Appraisal Evaluation: Expert assessment included up to €250.
  • Independent Appraisal Evaluation: Expert assessment included over €250.
  • Legal Protection: Comprehensive survey of property documents and meticulous contract drafting, including contingencies and revisions by our legal team, all within our EBA retainer fee.
  • Title Research & Loan Assistance: From initial loan interviews and document submissions to securing the most favorable loan bids, we ensure every step is covered.
  • Property Search & Selection: Venture through a curated list of properties, including virtual guided tours and a rich array of pictures and videos for your final selection.
  • Physical Visit Experience: If you’re able to visit, we’ll transform the viewing into an exclusive private tour with a real estate twist. Enjoy a complimentary lunch, and explore the best local investment areas and cultural highlights over two full days.
  • Negotiation & Offer Management: We conduct thorough price research, make verbal proposals, and handle tough negotiations to ensure the best possible deal.
  • Credit Brokerage: Our team prepares a comprehensive dossier and negotiates with multiple banks to secure the most advantageous terms for you.
  • CPCV Preparation: With numerous protective clauses beyond the standard, we focus on safeguarding your investment, contingent upon satisfactory house inspection and appraisal.
  • Remote Assistance: For clients abroad, we facilitate power of attorney arrangements for signing the CPCV in your absence.
  • Fund Transfer Guidance: We’ll assist you with the necessary fund transfers in Portugal’s unique financial landscape, emphasizing the importance of legal protection.
  • Closing Supervision: Brint oversees the technical inspection and prepares all necessary documents, culminating in the deed signature.
  • Celebration: The journey concludes with a celebration and the handing over of the keys to your new property in Portugal!
  • Post-Purchase Services: For investors, we recommend our EBA Concierge and Property Management Package. For those relocating, our Transition Roadmap Services offer seamless integration into your new life in Portugal.

With Brint, your property investment journey is not just a transaction; it’s an exploration into the best of Portugal, guided by expertise and enriched with local insights. Let us lead you to your perfect property, ensuring a safe and rewarding voyage in the Portuguese real estate market.

In the current global economic environment, where the influence of groups like the BRICS nations is reshaping market dynamics, diversifying your investment portfolio across various markets, currencies, and locations is a strategic move to safeguard your wealth. This approach is especially crucial in light of the variability and potential impacts on specific markets or currencies.

Portugal emerges as an appealing destination for real estate investment due to its stable economic climate and investor-friendly policies. A notable aspect of investing in Portugal is the absence of a wealth tax, which differentiates it from countries like Spain. This makes Portugal an even more attractive option for investors seeking efficient asset growth and preservation.

Additionally, it’s important to recognize that while Portugal may impose stamp duty taxes under certain conditions, particularly for non-direct relatives or non-residents, the country has abolished inheritance tax for direct family members, including children, spouses, and parents. This policy further enhances the attractiveness of Portugal as an investment destination, offering a more favorable tax regime for passing on assets.

Incorporating Portuguese real estate into your investment portfolio can provide a valuable balance against the uncertainties of other markets affected by the BRICS and similar economic factors. Diversifying in this manner not only mitigates risks but also adds resilience to your overall investment strategy.

We encourage you to consider the benefits of real estate investment in Portugal, including its advantageous tax policies. For a more detailed exploration of how Portuguese real estate can fit into your diversified investment portfolio, and to understand the specific tax advantages, please schedule a consultation with us. Use the form on the right to book your session, where we can offer personalized advice and insights, helping you navigate the complexities of the global economic landscape.

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Portugal lends up to 70% to international qualified buyers, considering their DTI ratio (Debt to Income).

Real Estate

We are an exclusive buyer’s agent. We don’t work for the seller to avoid conflict of interest. Whether you are looking into taking advantage of the booming real estate market in Portugal for residential, holidays, or investment purposes, Brint Team will be your exclusive property buyer’s agency with years of combined experience in the Portugal real estate market.

We offer a one stop unique service that is tailored to your personal requirements, including but not limited to: airport reception, utilities setup, school research and registration, private tutors hiring, house keeping and organizing, gardening, handman servces, home decoring, etc.

Maintaining and renting out:  Owning a holiday home is a  dream  but if you don’t have someone to take care of the property while you are gone you could have a bad surprise. Some of our services include trimming the grass, cleaning the house, paying the bills, monitoring the security, testing the equipment, gas, electric, light bulbs, etc

Our Immigration Lawyer and assistants will help you throughout the process. Whether you choose the D7 or the Golden Vida, we will help you from the beginning until the end.

Click to learn more about the Visas main differences, process, costs and timeline.



We assist you on getting your personal documents without the bureaucracy. Enrollment in social security, Driver’s License Process, Assistance with Registration at the health center in your area of residence, translation of documents, etc

From the moment we meet you at the airport or answer all your questions or concerns, you will feel how we have streamlined the relocation process and have removed all the stress from enjoying our culture and the journey of investing and living in Portugal.


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