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Join our network and enjoy the benefits of connecting with pre-qualified international buyers.

Connecting Qualified International Buyers with Your Listings

At Brint Portugal, we serve as a vital link between international buyers and seller agents. We are not seller agents, and we do not have our own listings. This allows us to represent just one side of the transaction: the buyers. Consequently, we do not compete with our partners; instead, we work together. When we have new clients, we notify our partners in the relevant region to identify the best properties (including off-market), creating the perfect scenario for our international buyers and our local partners nationwide.

Benefits to our partners:

Qualified Buyers:

All our buyers are either cash buyers or have already been approved by Portuguese banks.

Streamlined Process:

We contact seller agents only once we have a green light from at least one bank, ensuring a fast and efficient process.


The process is coordinated by us through a power of attorney, ensuring smooth transactions with trusted network.

High-Profile Clients:

We bring serious and ready-to-purchase clients from the US, Canada, the UK, and other international locations.

Brint had the privilege to help Michael and his family to buy their house here, as their exclusive Portugal buyer's agent. We asked him to share his experience as a seasoned real estate investor in the US, buying in Portugal. Here is his testimonial.

Our clients do not seek a real estate company only; they seek a buyer’s agent who will take care of them every step of the way, ensuring that every aspect of the homebuying process is handled with expertise and care. 

Our services extend beyond the initial purchase, offering support with post-investment needs and relocation. As a family-owned business with a national reach, our clients trust our expertise to represent them in the entire process.

Why Partner with Brint Portugal?

We understand the importance of collaboration in the real estate market. Our goal is to make the homebuying process smooth and efficient for both buyers and sellers. By partnering with us, you can focus on listing and marketing properties while we bring high-profile, pre-qualified international buyers to you.

Complete Real Estate Process explained by our clients Malika and Nihil. They watched our videos on youtube, researched our site, and contacted our team in December 2021. By April 2022 they had their keys, and the entire process was by proxy!

Interested in working with us? Join our network and enjoy the benefits of connecting with pre-qualified international buyers. Fill out the form below to get started:

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“you completely filtered all the stress for us!” – Nikhil and Malika

Through a power of attorney, we assist clients with various aspects that go beyond traditional real estate services:

1. Initial Meeting

Complimentary Buyer Consultation Following Qualification:: During our planning session, we determine your homebuying goals and establish a customized timeline to suit your needs.

2. Local Documentation

Facilitating NIF (Social Security Number for Fiscal Needs), fiscal representation and remote bank account opening - Takes approximetely 1 week for NIF and 4 weeks for Bank Openning.

3. Loan Pre-Approval

Comprehensive assistance in the loan process (when needed), loan interview to calculate your Debt to Income ratio, a Loan Dossier, & the submission of applications to multiple banks for pre-approval.

4. Property Search

Actively scouring listings, databases, and partners to identify properties that align with your criteria and providing access to off-market properties when available.

5. Property Showings

Coordinating property viewings, which may include video recordings and live video tours, and accompanying you to viewings to offer insights and advice.

6. Market Analysis

Performing a comprehensive market analysis of the local real estate market, which includes offering valuable insights into recent sales, market trends, and pricing.

7. Price Assessment

Conducting a property internal price assessment, which involves evaluating the property's history, comparing it to similar sales, and determining the price per square meter.

8. independent appraisal

Obtaining an independent appraisal by a certified agent to assess the property's condition, value, and potential, as well as identify any potential issues or concerns.

9. property inspection

Guidance on potential issues that may arise, all done by a third party inspection company before making an offer to leverage negotiations effectively.

10. Offer & Negotiation

Negotiating with sellers or their representatives on your behalf to secure the most favorable deal, all while ensuring protection through contingencies.

11. Docs Initial Check

Conducting an initial check of property documents to ensure alignment with the actual floor plan, local regulations, and Title Survey.

12. Contract Draft & Sign:

Reviewing and translating the CPCV contract and associated docs through lawyers, and signing on your behalf with a Power of Attorney when needed.

13. Closing Scheduling

Coordinating with multiple parties (lawyers, notaries, seller agents, property owners, etc.), issuing tax guides and assisting with their payment

14. Insurances

Coordinating and connecting you with a trusted insurance broker for your protection, with the goal of securing better rates and a lower APR/TAEG.

15. Final Docs Check

Conducting a final check on documents and title to ensure compliance, and ensuring accurate and timely completion of all necessary paperwork.

16. Closing Support

guiding and translating for you throughout the closing process, and facilitating the signing of the deed with a Power of Attorney when necessary.

17. Money Transfers

Facilitating money transfer by referring you to a trusted partner for smoother transactions and real savings on currency exchange.

18. Post Care

Real Assistance with home-related services, such as utility connections and deep cleaning when necessary.

19. Property Management

For investment purchases, we partner and coordinate rental agents to provide exceptional property management services.


We prioritize your privacy and security, ensuring the strictest confidentiality when it comes to handling your personal and financial information.

Investors Concierge

We provide comprehensive support, from business setup to interior design, connecting you with necessary parties for a seamless investment process.


As your one-stop solution, we assist with relocation, offering visa support through legal professionals, and addressing various other essential requirements.


We provide expert guidance on the real estate market, neighborhoods, and home-buying strategies, along with essential information on the legal and financial aspects of home buying.


Our services are tailored to your unique needs and preferences, adapting to changing circumstances throughout your homebuying journey.

Complimentary Consultation:

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