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Digital Nomads Love Living in Portugal

Digital Nomads Love Living in Portugal



Ever since the COVID pandemic, traditional ideas about the workplace have changed. Since most people were forced to stay at home for an extended period of time, this caused many to start reconsidering whether or not they actually wanted to return to the office environment.

For a large number of workers, the answer was “No, thanks”. And that was the beginning of the popularity of the digital nomad, a growing number of people who are able to perform their jobs successfully in any environment. And since they are no longer stuck behind a desk in a central office somewhere, digital nomads can work anytime and from anywhere — even in a new and exciting foreign country like Portugal.

Digital Nomads

During COVID, many employers requested that their staff work from home. After the pandemic ended, a lot of those workers insisted on it.

The growing trend toward digital nomads allows people to have more valuable free time while still doing their jobs just as well — if not better — than they did when they were still going into the office every day. Many employers are happy because they can save money on things like office space, supplies, amenities, and other costs. For many, it’s a win/win.

BRINT Portugal

At BRINT Portugal, we invite you to consider whether you are truly fulfilled by the traditional office lifestyle. Wouldn’t you be happier working remotely while living in beautiful sunny Portugal? If so, we can help you transition to your new life as a digital nomad.

Our team of Portuguese experts can help you find a new place to live, guide you through the immigration process, and even get you set up with a new digital interface with your home office. Digital nomads have been flocking to Portugal since before COVID-19 ended. Wouldn’t you like to become one of them?

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