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Easing the Transition for Your Family

Easing the Transition for Your Family

Below view of a family moving into new home.

Below view of a family moving into new home.

If you have been transferred to Portugal for business, are moving here to be closer to family, or relocating for retirement or any other reason, you can expect a little culture shock. Portugal is one of Europe’s most storied countries with a rich cultural heritage and deep history.

It can be a daunting place to move to for you. So just imagine what it’s like for your spouse and children. At least you can go to work every day. They will have to deal with a strange and alien new life in a foreign country all day every day.

Fortunately, BRINT Portugal is here to ease the transition for both you and your family.

Getting Comfortable

At BRINT Portugal, we have helped hundreds of people from the US, Canada, the UK, and elsewhere get comfortable in their new Portuguese lifestyle. Beginning from the moment you step off the plane, we can be there to meet you, take you to your new home, and help you explore your new surroundings.

We can help enroll your children in their new school, give you a tour of the local grocery stores and outdoor markets, and even show you the many fun festivals and cultural events going on in your new neighborhood. Thanks to our local Portuguese ambassadors, you and your family will soon feel just as home in Portugal as you did in your home country.

BRINT Portugal

BRINT Portugal can help with practically every aspect of adjusting to your new life, from helping you to find a new home to buy or rent to getting settled in your new place. We can help you with setting up your new bank accounts, finding legal help to streamline your immigration process, and even simply being your first friend in your new home country.

BRINT Portugal wants to welcome you to your new home. You’re going to love it here!

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