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Portuguese Food Is Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Portuguese Food Is Europe’s Best Kept Secret



There are many European cuisines that are well-known throughout the world: Italian pasta, Greek lamb dishes, and even German sausages. French cuisine has one of the best reputations in all of fine dining while Spanish tapas is increasing in popularity worldwide.

But perhaps the best cuisine in all of Europe is one most people have never heard of: Portuguese cooking. People in Portugal know that they have some of the freshest and most delicious food available anywhere. They just don’t spend a lot of time bragging about it the way residents of some other countries do.

Portuguese Cooking

So what makes Portuguese cooking so wonderful? For one thing, it’s the country’s proximity to the ocean and its long love affair with fishing. Seafood in Portugal is like nowhere else in the world. Not only is it fresh and tasty, but it’s prepared in traditional ways that locals have cherished for centuries.

But it’s not just the seafood that makes Portuguese cooking exciting. It’s also the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, the many different types of grains and legumes that are included in the country’s most popular recipes, and the fact that not many people know about Portuguese cuisine until they discover it for themselves.

BRINT Portugal

So where can you find such an incredible array of delicious dishes and mouth-watering meals in Portugal? At BRINT Portugal, we have plenty of recommendations. Simply let us know when you are visiting and which part of the country you will be staying in and we can give you dozens of places to sample the best cooking in the world.

Portuguese cooking is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Overshadowed by the cuisines of its flashier and more famous neighbors, the people of Portugal are happy to keep their secret to themselves.  Come discover it for yourself.

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