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New Job Seeker Visa Lets You Look for Work in Portugal

New Job Seeker Visa Lets You Look for Work in Portugal

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visa services
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Like most countries, Portugal uses the visa system to limit the number of people who can remain in the country longer than a short visit. But the country recently rolled out a new kind of visa that is exclusively for people looking to find employment in the country.

The job seeker visa lets its holder enter and remain in Portugal for the purpose of looking for a job. It authorizes the person to carry out subordinated work activity until the expiration of the visa or until a residency permit is granted by Portuguese immigration.

Job Seeker Visa

The job seeker visa is granted for a period of 120 days but may be renewed for an additional 60 days. However, it allows only one entry into Portugal so if you leave the country for any reason during the term of the job seeker visa you may not be able to get back in under that document.

If the holder of the job seeker visa is able to find employment within Portugal, they may apply for a residence permit. But if they can’t find work or don’t get a residency permit, they need to leave the country when the job seeker visa expires. If this is the case, the person may not reapply for another job seeker permit until the period of one year has passed.

BRINT Portugal

There are many different types of visas available for people seeking to stay in Portugal for an extended period of time. BRINT Portugal has the knowledge, experience, and contacts with immigration professionals to help you get the right visa for you. We can also help you apply for your residency permit or even permanent citizenship.

If you are planning on moving to Portugal for work, retirement, or another long-term reason, BRINT Portugal has the services you need to expedite your immigration paperwork.


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