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Finding Homes for Sale in Portugal

Finding Homes for Sale in Portugal



Buying a new home is never easy. But it’s especially complicated when that new house is in another country, or even on another continent.

Yet each year many people from the US, Canada, the  UK, and other places purchase residential properties in Portugal. Whether they are to serve as their primary residence, a vacation home, a rental property, or some other purpose, these home buyers have to deal with the complications of searching for homes while still living very long distances away.

But not anymore.

Homes in Portugal

Now the process of finding, selecting, and buying a home in Portugal is vastly simplified thanks to BRINT Portugal. Our team of experienced real estate experts are in the country constantly looking for residential properties for clients.

If you want to buy a home in Portugal, you could take time off from work, fly to  Europe, spend days or even weeks looking at different properties, then starting the long and complicated process of negotiating a price, finding a mortgage lender, and arranging for legal help for the closing. Or you can just call us.

BRINT Portugal

Now you can skip the expensive and time-consuming process of finding a new Portuguese home yourself and simply let BRINT Portugal handle practically the entire process for you. We already have access to vast listings of available properties, relationships with local financial and legal professionals, and the experience you can rely on in negotiating and closing property deals.

Why worry about the time and expense of handling the process yourself when BRINT Portugal can do it all for you? You don’t even have to fly in for the closing. If you want us to represent you, all you need to do is get the key to your new home and move in at your convenience.

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