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Concierge Relocation

Visa Assistance + Rental Assistance + Premium Relocation

Want to start with a rental? No problem! With our Concierge Relocation RENTAL ASSISTANCE package, we handle the entire process with all the necessary care for you to start off right.

We understand that moving to a new country can be overwhelming, especially dealing with legal procedures, finding a home, and adapting to a new lifestyle. That’s why we introduce our Concierge Relocation RENTAL ASSISTANCE package, combining assistance in renting properties in Portugal, specialized guidance for visa acquisition, and dedicated Relocation Concierge services to support you before and after your arrival in the country.

While we assist you with your visa application, our experts navigate the complexities of the real estate market, ensuring you find a property that fits your criteria and budget perfectly. This way, you meet the mandatory requirement under Portuguese immigration law (of having a fixed residence in the country) confidently and well-informed.

After renting your property and getting your visa approved, our Relocation Concierge service takes over. Even before you move to Portugal, we handle setting up basic services and assist with essential tasks to help you seamlessly adjust to your new life.

With our Concierge Relocation RENTAL ASSISTANCE you can focus on embracing your new journey in Portugal while we handle the complexities, ensuring a smooth and successful relocation process. Let us be your trusted partner in this exciting chapter of your life.

Portugal Visa

Seamless Integration

The Portugal Visa is a fast and affordable way for you and your family to realize your dream of living in Europe

The Brint Portugal Visa Assistance goes beyond the basics. We help you obtain your NIF (Tax Identification Number), open a bank account, prepare a dossier for the embassy interview, and assist with various other essential procedures, ensuring your integration into the Portuguese system is smooth and stress-free.

We assist you throughout the application process, helping you secure a two-year Visa, extendable for an additional three years, ensuring a smoother journey to European citizenship than ever before.

Our Portugal Visa Assistance provides a comprehensive range of services to make the process smooth and worry-free:

  1. Complete Guidance: We reduce stress during the process;
  2. Creation of Embassy Dossier in Portuguese; Certified Translations; Translation and Authentication of Birth Certificates and FBI Criminal Records Included;
  3. Fast Approval Timeframe: 30-60 days with an average of 40 days approval (100% Approval Rate);
  4. Documental Guidance: We prepare more documents than requested by the embassy based on our clients’ experiences. Some clients had to send additional documents based on their situations, and we included all documents from past experiences in our list;
  5. Interview Scheduling and Coordination: Our team remains on standby until you leave the embassy to assist with last-minute requests/answers;
  6. Accompanied by Lawyer: During the immigration interview, our immigration lawyer will be present to assist you for extra assurance;
  7. Consulting: We answer all questions and are available daily to make the process smooth and easy.
  8. Preparation and Signing of Power of Attorney;
  9. Obtaining the Tax Identification Number (NIF) for the principal applicant and all dependents (fee included);
  10. Being the Fiscal Representative (fee included);
  11. Processing Documents to Open a Bank Account Remotely (fee included);
  12. Welcome Pack: We provide customers with all necessary information;
  13. Digital Organization: We create folders and insert all required documents in Google Drive, organizing the entire process in the cloud;
  14. Document Checklist: We maintain constant communication with the client about pending items throughout the process;
  15. Guidance on Money Transfers;
  16. Document Checklist and Final Compilation Guidance before the main interview;
  17. Follow-Up Until Visa Approval: (Check Roadmap Transition Services for complete assistance between the visa and immigration interview);
  18. Immigration Interview Scheduling;
  19. Our lawyer accompanies the principal applicant to the immigration interview;
  20. Our lawyer accompanies dependents at the immigration interview;
  21. Translation between Lawyer and Clients, if necessary.

With our Portugal Visa Assistance, we ensure you have all the necessary support, from paperwork preparation to visa approval, making your move to Portugal as smooth as possible.

Rental Assistance

A new life in Portugal should start with a hassle-free and personalized housing solution

We understand that finding the right place to live in a new country is a crucial step in your journey. That’s why Brint Portugal is pleased to introduce our Rental Assistance Service, specially designed for clients who want to move to Portugal but aren’t ready to buy a property yet.

At Brint Portugal, we believe your journey to a new life in Portugal should start with a hassle-free and personalized housing solution. Let us be your trusted partner in finding your ideal home, making your transition to Portugal a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Rental Process

Our service kicks off with expert guidance, a collaborative effort between you and Brint, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the best available options. We take the initiative by reaching out to brokers, checking property statuses, and scheduling visits on your behalf. Whether you prefer to inspect properties in person or via video call, our service caters to your needs, allowing you to make well-informed decisions from anywhere in the world.

After selecting properties, our team conducts an analysis, blending our expertise with your preferences to help you choose the best fit. We handle negotiations and finalize the rental agreement, ensuring favorable terms and conditions. If necessary, we review and make changes to the rental contract, providing you peace of mind.

Signing the contract is a breeze with our assistance, whether you prefer to grant power of attorney or sign it yourself. Once the paperwork is settled, we take care of the practical details – collecting the keys and arranging essential services through our Relocation Concierge service.

Premium Relocation​

Our responsibilities.
Your peace of mind.​

Personalized assistance to ensure your relocation experience is smooth and enjoyable.

We help you to take care of important details during your international moving process. Countless aspects of your life and your family’s life must be rearranged, cancelled or restarted in your new country. Before you get heavily involved in the moving process, we recommend you to make a list with all the necessary steps to relocate smoothly.

We will provide detailed to-do lists regarding all the things you need to take care once you arrive here, to make sure nothing is overlooked. In other words, while you deal with your transition there, we will take care of it here.

Our Relocation Roadmap Concierge Service offers personalized support for individuals and families upon their arrival. Among various other services, we guide you through the process of acquiring essential identification numbers (NISS, Utente Numbers), take care of setting up basic services (water, electricity, and internet), and assist with applications for fiscal benefits such as the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) status.

At Brint, we like to think ahead and therefore, you can expect to save as our goal is to expedite time and minimize unnecessary costs.

All services listed below are included, except in cases where additional fees are specified.

Copy of Rental Process (2)

Services provided by licensed partner lawyers and accountants:

  • Introduction to trusted accountants and lawyers.
  • Registration of NISS (Social Security Number): we handle this process on your behalf, sparing you the need to visit the social security department.
  • Fiscal Address Update: we manage the address change with the finance department, eliminating your direct involvement.
  • NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) or similar fiscal benefits package.
  • Guidance on changing your driver’s license.
  • Guidance on obtaining proof of address needed for various documents in your city hall.
  • Certified translations by lawyers.
  • Authentications and certifications when needed.
  • Available Fiscal Study (only for relocation clients – €500).
Copy of Rental Process
  • Planning, coordination, and preparation before and after arrival.
  • Organization and execution of airport transportation to your residence.
  • Airport reception in your new country of residence.
  • Cell phone SIM cards upon your arrival.
  • Neighborhood orientation tour as a local.
  • Assistance with setbacks and unforeseen events.
Copy of Rental Process (1)
  • Power of Attorney to represent you in Portugal if necessary.
  • Contract, connection, and installation of public utility accounts (water, gas, electricity, etc.).
  • High-speed internet and phone contract, internet installation.
  • Assistance with local apps for food delivery, car rides, among others.
Copy of Rental Process (3)
  • Guidance on obtaining Government Health Numbers.
  • Setup and guidance for a private doctor.
  • Explanation on navigating the Portuguese Health System.
  • Assistance in procuring Private Health Insurance if needed.
  • Guidance on the National Health System app.
  • Overview of the public healthcare system and private healthcare options.
Copy of Rental Process (4)
  • Assistance with car registration.
  • Guidance on car insurance procurement.
  • Instructions on transferring your driver’s license.
  • Car rental: local search for the best deals (client’s credit card required).
  • Guidance on car financing.
Copy of Rental Process (5)
  • Answering relocation-related questions before and after arrival, and providing local tips (up to 30 days, except for NISS and UTENTE numbers).
  • Advocacy on your behalf, if necessary, using local knowledge.
  • Providing a list of important and valuable information.
  • Utilizing our expertise to expedite processes on your behalf.
  • Assistance in finding local temporary accommodations.
  • Shopping assistance: one-time supermarket visit to show the best places to shop on the day of arrival.
  • Practical tips showcasing local apps for food, car rides, the national health system, etc.
  • Guidance on school information, enrollment, documentation.
  • Guidance on bringing animals (if necessary – 120-day process).
  • Assistance in finding and hiring contractors on your behalf (cleaning, gardening, painting, etc.).
  • Translation for other matters.
  • Assistance with local reservations.

Reasons to Choose Brint

Asset 32
Full Service

One-stop shop for all your real estate investment & relocation needs in Portugal. We turn the stress into comfort and ease.

02 Passport
Safe Immigration

D7 Visa: we will refer you to lawyers we trust to take care of the entire process and accompany you to your interviews.

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Happy Relocation

Moving to Portugal is both exciting and challenging. We take care of all the relocation services you may need.

12 family image
Family Support

The necessary assistance for you and for your family when arriving in Portugal. Airport Service Meet, Mini Bus Rental for all passengers, Fiscal Number, Bank Account, Apostille, Translations, Utilities Connection, Assistance on getting Social Security and Medical Numbers, School Registration, Driver's License, etc.

25 home
Real Estate Deals

Real estate is a street asset, you need to be on the ground to understand the local dynamics to choose the best investments. We will work for you, the buyer. In order to avoid conflict of interest, we don't work for sellers. We go after what is best for you alone.

21 protection

Maintenance of your property in your absence. Contracting public utility services (water, electricity, gas, TV, phone, internet), Rentals, Cleaning, House Sitting, Gardening, Decoration, Remodeling, etc.

Ready to start your exciting journey in Portugal?
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