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2- Brint EBA Realty Concierge
3- Brint Property Management

Our Responsibilities. Your Peace of Mind.

In French, “concierge” means “to serve,” guaranteeing a premium, unique and differentiated service to clients by listening and sympathizing with the person you are serving. 

All real estate clients need the EBA Package, but only investors need the EBA Concierge. Other clients moving to Portugal may enjoy a similar package: Expat Transition Roadmap.

This package bridges the gap between Portugal’s real estate post-investment and local property management. After investing in real estate in Portugal clients realize they need help with many little details.

Every client has distinct needs. Our Real Estate EBA Concierge assures you get the best local professionals for reasonable rates. One-Stop-Shop for your peace of mind. Easy and uncomplicated.

Here is the list of services included in the EBA Concierge Package:

  • Coordination
    Once you sign your house promissory agreement, we can start the concierge services. We will not only introduce you to multiple trusted partners, but we will also coordinate the process, to expedite it, with each professional.
  • Electricity & Gas
    We’ll research the best deals on electricity in your area; then, we will get everything set up and transferred to your name. We take care of the entire process, contract, and coordinate installation.
  • Internet:
    Fast Speed Internet (fiber optics where available) is one of the things that please guests a lot. First, we’ll get you connected with the best rates. Then we take care of the process, contract, and coordinate installation. Finally, all your guests have to do is log in and surf.
  • Water:
    We work with your local water provider to set up your water right after your home purchase. We take care of the process, contract and coordinate installation.
  • House Cleaning:
    When needed, we help you select and hire a local company to ensure the house has a deep clean before we start the property management / rental service process.
  • Pool Cleaning & Maintenance:
    When needed, we help you select and hire a local company to ensure your pool is ready to receive guests. Our local agents will coordinate the pool cleaners to sync with guests check in and out.
  • Landscaping:
    When needed, we help you select and hire a local company to ensure your gardens will be well-taken care. In addition, our local agents will coordinate the pool cleaners to sync with guests' check-in and out.
  • Interior Designer:
    An interior designer will make a cold space look warm and inviting. We help you select a local interior designer to highlight your property's good features. Sometimes the decoration is what makes the pictures unique and the bookings successful. A high occupancy rate has much to do with your pictures and 5-star reviews from guests.
  • Photoshoot:
    We will connect you to the rental agencie's photographer for the Website Rental Portals and Ad Campaigns. They will take care of the images to impress your guests. Professional Photoshoot is done once the house is ready.
  • Accountant:
    If you plan to use your property as an investment for local short-term rentals, you will need to open a micro business here (abrir uma atividade / open an activity) through a lawyer or an accountant. We help you select and hire an accountant to open the activity, manage your Finance Portal for you and simplify the information to ensure you don't have to worry about any foreign accounting matters. In addition, the accountant will help you to optimize your taxes.
  • Insurances:
    Before starting your short rental business and getting a license, you will need civil responsibility insurance. We connect you to trusted brokers that will assist in the process. We also suggest getting a home warranty insurance that provides discounted repair and replacement services for household appliances, such as the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Local Rental License Request:
    To get a license, you need to submit your documents and the house documents as well. We help you take care of this through a power of attorney given to one of our team's partners, who will get the license on your behalf.
  • Mandatory Security Kit for AL
    (Alojamento Local / Local Accommodation) All Legally Mandatory Fire and Safety Equipment for Your Local Accommodation in a Single Pack. The rental agents will take care of this, so you don't need to worry about little but essential details.
  • OPTIONAL / PREMIUM:Airport Meet & Greet
    When requested, this adds a special touch to your arrival. It includes taking you to your house and showing you your property and surroundings. Many of our clients buy the house remotely (this needs to be added as an add-on, it is not included on our standard package)

We created this Real Estate Concierge Package because our investors needed help. Still, the services described on this page are not part of our original EBA Package, which includes: fiscal representation and fiscal number (NIF), bank account opening, legal protection throughout the buying process, title survey and documents research, mortgage coordination, real estate visits with city’s local tours, structural inspection, certified appraisal and more.

If you are interested in investing in real estate in Portugal, you will need our EBA and Concierge Packages. Please reach out so we can book an online consultation to start the process!

You bought a house in Portugal, now you need local assistance to arrange the details before start profiting from it.

To learn more and to get the process started, book a consultation and talk to our Portugal D7 Visa experts.
You can be confident that we will give you 100% loyalty as we help you fulfill your dream of living / investing in Europe.

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