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Why Aren’t More Americans Retiring in Portugal?

Why Aren’t More Americans Retiring in Portugal?


Portugal may be the world’s best-kept secret. Once among the world’s leading empires, in recent centuries the nation has kept a quiet but stable profile nestled along Europe’s scenic western Atlantic Coast.

With a lower cost of living, world-renowned safety, political stability, and some of the warmest and most welcoming people in the world, why aren’t more Americans choosing to retire to Portugal or move there to live and work? Why aren’t you thinking about moving to the heart of Europe where you can spend the rest of your days in comfort, luxury, and security?

Best Kept Secret

Unlike many retirement destinations, Portugal doesn’t spend a lot of money and effort promoting itself to seniors. Instead, the government and tourist board lets its own European charm and track record of prosperity, safety, and stability speak for itself.

For example, you probably didn’t know that English is widely spoken throughout Portugal. And in popular places like the Algarve, about 90% of the population is fluent in English as well as Portuguese. For many American retirees, it’s possible to live in Portugal without ever learning more than a few everyday Portuguese words or phrases.

And did you also know that everyday costs like food, housing, and transportation are often a fraction of what they are in other places? That means your income or retirement money can go much, much further than it can at home.

Universal Health Care

Portugal has some of the most advanced hospitals and medical facilities in the world. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing destinations for “medical tourism,” or people who travel there for hip replacements, dental work, or aesthetic procedures that are both affordable and safe.

And if you obtain Portuguese residency or citizenship, you can enjoy the benefits of its universal health coverage. Most medical bills are heavily subsidized and are completely free for those under 18 and older than 65.

So why don’t more Americans consider Portugal when thinking about retirement places? Now that’s a good question!


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