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portugal retirement visa

Portugal D7 Visa

Learn more about the D7 Visa if you plan to
buy real estate and retire in Portugal

D7 VISA for retirees looking to buy real estate in Portugal

BRINT Portugal is a relocation agency, helping expats with guidance on real estate, on-the-ground transition support services to help streamline your move to Portugal.

Some of our real estate and relocation clients are interested in the D7 visa.

We are happy to refer them to lawyers we trust. Usually their service includes analysis, dossier translated into PT, guidance, scheduling, interview in the immigration office.

We combine the American mindset with Portuguese experience and knowledge to provide incomparable relocation services for expats seeking to relocate to Portugal.

With offices in both the US and Portugal, BRINT Portugal builds the cultural bridge that removes the stress of moving to a new country so you can focus on enjoying your new life on Europe’s West Coast. Our experienced, highly qualified lawyers will help you with your D7 Visa application, while our internal team will assist you with housing, concierge, property inspections, property management, document support, and family adaptation.

Imagine spending your Golden Years in a charming European Country: your Dream Retirement may be closer than you ever thought possible with Portugal’s D7 Visa

Portugal, which recently was named one of the top 3 safest places in the world, has launched a visa program that allows residents of the US, the UK, Canada, and elsewhere to establish permanent residency and eventual citizenship with a minimal investment of either time or money.

In as little as three to six months, the Portugal D7 Visa lets you and your entire family reside in Portugal in comfort and luxury as a permanent resident of Europe. And don’t be fooled by its name: You don’t have to wait until you are retirement age to take advantage of this incredible opportunity for European citizenship!

Why The Portugal D7 Visa?

Many European countries have begun offering visas to people from other outside Europe. But most have cumbersome rules, require a hefty investment, and force you to wait years or even decades before you are granted citizenship.

But the Portugal D7 Visa requires a minimal investment of time and money, plus from the day you send in your application, you can enjoy Portuguese residency in as little as four to six months.

The D7 Retirement Visa – also known as the Passive Income Visa – doesn’t require you to buy an expensive home or commercial property in Portugal, or invest hundreds of thousands of Euros, or be involved in the day-to-day operations of a local business. You don’t even have to be separated from your family. Instead, thanks to the European Union reunification law, you can include your spouse, your dependent children, and even your elderly parents in your single application. We will refer you to lawyers we trust so we can help you with your real estate and relocation process in the mean while.

Affordable, Easy Requirements

To attract the best applicants from around the world, Portugal has made the requirements super simple.

Single applicants only need to show proof of a stable passively derived income of just €705 per month for the first applicant.

And if you or your spouse have elderly parents that are financially dependent on you, they can be included too, provided you have the financial means to house and support them in your home.

How The Portugal D7 Visa works

Portugal D7 Visa program grants a temporary residency permit while creating a clear path to permanent residency and, eventually, full Portuguese citizenship.

This exciting program is the fastest path to permanent European citizenship to you and your loved ones. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a two-year D7 Visa (previously one-year) which can then be renewed for three additional years if you continue to qualify for the program.

And unlike visa programs in Italy, Spain, and other European countries, you can continue to work and conduct business from Day One while living in Portugal.

Passive Income D7 Visa

The Portugal D7  Visa is a fast and affordable way for you and your family to realize your dream of living in Europe.

Defining Passive Income

So what does passive income include?

It’s simple: Things like pension payouts, royalties, rental incomes from real estate or intellectual property, company dividends (as long as you aren’t active in the management of the business), and earnings from long-term, fixed-rate financial investments.

It’s also suitable for remote workers and digital nomads.

Despite often being referred to as the “passive income visa,” many people that apply for the D7 visa are full-time remote workers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs.

Regardless of whether they’re actively or passively earning their income, the common denominator between all these people is that they’re bringing their own source of income to Portugal.

The Portugal D7 Retirement or Passive Income Visa is one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordably ways for you and your family to realize your dream of living in Europe.

Some conditions apply

You must spend a minimum of 183 uninterrupted days in Portugal to qualify for visa renewal.

Or you can live in-country for a total of eight months within a single year with various absences in between.

Why Portugal?

3350 Protected

Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world

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Portugal allows expats to get citizenship in 5 years when they buy Real Estate in qualified areas

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Best Destination

World's Best Destination Award in 2019

19 Sea

Diversity of climates. Choose what suits you best

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Easy Access €€

Travel to Rome, Paris, London: Low Season Roundtrip €30+

Cost of Living

Expect to pay 1/3 of what you are now paying

Asset 48
Foreign Taxation

Total exemption on private pension income for 10 years

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Portuguese cuisine & wine are known to be delicious

02 grandparents

Less than €40/m: Be treated at home by a family doctor

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Schengen Area

Visa-free travel without 90 days restriction

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Lower prices and great vacation property deals

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Portugal Retiree Visa: World's Best Retirement Haven 2023 by IL Magazine

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Inexhaustible source of geographic beauty

09 family

US Tuition: $25k/year
Portugal tuition: less than $1k/year


Portuguese are well-known for welcoming foreigners


Some of our team lived in the US for almost 20 years. They lived in New Jersey / New York, Atlanta, Florida, Washington State and Hawaii. Others have lived in Portugal for many years as expats. We all know the feeling of living abroad: the language barrier, the culture shock, the daily routine adaptations.

If you plan to invest, retire or remote work we are here to help.

As American retiree, you have dreams, fears, goals, and needs that must be taken care of on a personal level. As a US investor, you probably know about Portugal’s tax benefits and how investing here will bring great opportunities to you and your children.

When we meet you at the airport, when we prepare for your arrival or answer the phone to help you with your questions and concerns, you will feel the difference.

We nurture this culture of honor with a main goal: to provide a unique and meaningful experience to our clients in every part of the process.

We assist you on getting your personal documents without the bureaucracy. We will guide you on how you can enroll in social security, Driver’s License Process, Assistance with Registration at the health center in your area of residence, translation of documents, etc



From the moment we meet you at the airport or answer all your questions or concerns, you will feel how we have streamlined the relocation process and have removed all the stress from enjoying our culture and the journey of investing and living in Portugal.

We are an exclusive buyer’s agent. We don’t work for the seller to avoid conflict of interest. Whether you are looking into taking advantage of the booming real estate market in Portugal for residential, holidays, or investment purposes, Brint Advisors will be your exclusive property buyer’s agency with years of combined experience in the Portugal real estate market.

Real Estate


Maintaining and renting out:  Owning a holiday home is a  dream  but if you don’t have someone to take care of the property while you are gone you could have a bad surprise. Some of our services include trimming the grass, cleaning the house, paying the bills, monitoring the security, testing the equipment, gas, electric, light bulbs, etc

Reasons to Choose Brint

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Full Service

One-stop shop for all your real estate investment & relocation needs in Portugal. We turn the stress into comfort and ease.

02 Passport
Safe Immigration

We will refer you to lawyers we trust to take care of the entire process and accompany you to your interviews.

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Happy Relocation

Moving to Portugal is both exciting and challenging. We take care of all the relocation services you may need.

12 family image
Family Support

The necessary assistance for you and for your family when arriving in Portugal. Airport Service Meet, Mini Bus Rental for all passengers, Fiscal Number, Bank Account, Apostille, Translations, Utilities Connection, Assistance on getting Social Security and Medical Numbers, School Registration, Driver's License, etc.

25 home
Real Estate Deals

Real estate is a street asset, you need to be on the ground to understand the local dynamics to choose the best investments. We will work for you, the buyer. In order to avoid conflict of interest, we don't work for sellers. We go after what is best for you alone.

21 protection

Maintenance of your property in your absence. Contracting public utility services (water, electricity, gas, TV, phone, internet), Rentals, Cleaning, House Sitting, Gardening, Decoration, Remodeling, etc.

To learn more and to get the process started, book a consultation and talk to our Portuguese experts. You can be confident that we will give you our very best to help you fulfill your dream of living / investing in Europe.

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