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Family Relocation Support

Don't worry: we turn the stress into comfort

From the moment we meet you at the airport or answer all your questions or concerns, you will feel how we have streamlined the relocation process and have removed all the stress from enjoying our culture and the journey of investing and living in Portugal.

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Arriving in another country and not even knowing where to find a good supermarket. This type of situation is quite frightening and more common than you might think.

A good family support company should put itself in the client’s shoes, trying to visualize their day-to-day needs according to their lifestyle and offering options that facilitate their adaptation process.

In Portugal, you already have a helping hand to help you and your family feel at home. Count on Brint. And stay calm.

Our services for your tranquility:

We will be at the airport to welcome you and your family to Portugal

We know how difficult it is to transport them all together, with so much luggage. So we’ve already taken care of that too

Until you have your own car (or until it arrives by ship), we will find the best rental options

You still doesn’t have a place to live. No problem! We will find accommodation tailored to your needs

What is the best supermarket to buy food? And drinks? Home utilities? We will indicate the best paths

So that you don’t feel lost, a tour of the neighborhood is a great idea. Let’s go together

Have you thought of other things you would like in your new life? Let us know! We will do our best to help

The best apps to make your life easier. Some will be the same. Others, no…

How to choose the best school option? We are here to help with this very important matter

After all, they are part of the family

Portugal’s healthcare system has good quality and good prices. Find out how to choose the best option

We have trusted partners to protect your assets

Dealing with internet providers, electricity, water, gas … Calm down! Relax and leave the headache with us

You don’t have to make an effort to clear up all your doubts at once. We’ll be around to help…

The Portuguese bureaucracy can scare the “beginners”. We will help you face it with confidence and lightness

We will give you a step-by-step guide to changing your license and drive legally in Portugal

Good professionals are essential for a good start. We will help you find them

A simple reservation can be difficult for a beginner. Remember: we are here to help you

To learn more and to get the process started, book a consultation and talk to our Portugal Golden Visa experts.
You can be confident that we will give you 100% loyalty as we help you fulfill your dream of living / investing in Europe.

Complimentary Consultation:

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