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Remote Workers are Welcome in Portugal

Remote Workers are Welcome in Portugal

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During the global COVID-19 pandemic, many companies told employees to simply work from home. The idea of a remote worker transformed from something unusual to near-universal.

But as the disease ran its course and the crisis waned, many businesses demanded that people start coming back into the office. However many people who got a taste of the freedom and independence that came from working from home decided that they liked it and wanted to continue being remote workers.

Remote Worker

The best thing about being a remote worker is right there in its title: You can do it remotely. From anywhere. You don’t have to work from your own home. You can do it from a coffee shop, a library, or even a foreign country.

Portugal is one of the best countries that host remote workers. One reason is its vast infrastructure of internet and WiFi capabilities. Another is the weather. A third is its friendly and welcoming people. As more and more people realize that they may never have to return to their old way of working and can embrace being a remote worker, they discover they can be successful in their careers while still enjoying the benefits of living and working in Portugal, Europe’s most inviting country.

BRINT Portugal

During COVID, BRINT Portugal was swamped with requests from people seeking to move here to become remote workers. So now we have the experience to help you transition to your new European lifestyle while working remotely from your Portuguese home.

We can help you find a place to live, be there to welcome you when you arrive, and even show you around your new neighborhood. We can find the best schools for your kids, get you set up with a new bank, and even turn on your internet so you are ready to hit the ground running from the moment you arrive.


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