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Portugal: Europe’s Most Welcoming Country

Portugal: Europe’s Most Welcoming Country



Have you traveled to Europe lately? If it’s been a few years — or decades — since you made the trip to the Continent, you might want to prepare yourself for some unexpected changes.

Europe’s biggest tourist destinations still attract millions of visitors every year. But many of the places you might have enjoyed visiting when you were younger are now more geared toward capturing your tourist dollars than enlightening or entertaining you with their history and culture. Since the European Union formed, places like Paris, Rome, Berlin, and even Athens have new commerce-centric approaches to tourism.

But Portugal stands apart. Often considered Europe’s most overlooked treasure, Portugal remains the EU’s most friendly and welcoming country.

Portuguese Hospitality

Unlike people in some other European countries, the everyday, ordinary people in Portugal are open and engaging to visitors. They love to share their rich culture and history with people from other places. And they are much more likely to treat you as a friend rather than somebody with tourist dollars to try and get.

Portugal also is often far less crowded than other European destinations. And more affordable. You can often find a luxurious, even palatial, vacation rental on a sunny beach or cozy village for a fraction of what you would pay in France or Italy.

BRINT Portugal

The relocation professionals at BRINT Portugal know a lot about what Portugal has to offer. Many of our clients started out visiting Portugal as tourists only to fall in love with the place and look for ways to live here permanently. Or to find a luxurious yet affordable vacation home they can visit anytime they want.

If you are returning to Europe after a long time away or even coming here for the first time, let Portugal show you what Europe was meant to be.

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