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Hawaii vs Portugal

Our own Story

We left Hawaii


Portugal has beautiful landscapes, an affordable cost of living, easy access to all of Europe, safety and security, a slow and peaceful pace, a rich culture and history, great food, and world-famous wine. It was again named “Best Country to Retire In” by International Living Magazine in 2023…

Lower cost of life

Similar Slow Pace Lifestyle

Proximity to European Countries

Delicious Food

Easy European Citizenship

Family reunion

A Personal Journey

Mariana and Romulo lived in the US for almost 20 years. They co-founded Lytron, a consulting business in 2001 and they still have it fully operational with an office in Boca Raton.

For nearly two decades, they immersed themselves into the American culture and absorbed the US business mindset. And through the years, they’ve built personal relationships, a strong  professional network and developed deep roots in their community.

When they first moved to the US, it was not easy. They had to deal with the culture shock and language barriers. Fortunately, they found friends who helped them during those difficult first few months.

What experience has taught them is that when you go through this kind of struggle, you learn empathy. Now, because of their  journey, they are able to give back. It is more than a family business that grew nationally, along with Juliana, Jose and the team, they want to offer that same kind of genuine care and assistance to people who move to Portugal from the US and other places – like helping their children to enroll in a new school; or taking care to contact the utility companies to get them turned on before your arrival. Brint also helps with sworn translations, helping you to find the right answers and professional for every need.

Empathy /
We've been there

A known Paradise

After living in Florida for so many years, they pulled up stakes and moved to Hawaii, into a resort-style community, within an actual paradise.

You see, Hawaii just has this ‘aloha’ spirit in the air. And the weather is absolutely heavenly. The people are happy all the time.

It’s hard to beat all of that, right? We are only telling you all of this just so you guys can compare that to their new life now, here in Portugal.

Hawaii is really amazing. But the reality is that it also is really isolated from the mainland US and the rest of the world.


Traveling anywhere outside the islands is not very easy and definitely not affordable. After a while you really can start to develop the symptoms of “island fever” people talk so much about.

Plus, the cost of living in Hawaii is one of the most expensives in the US.

Health insurance premiums were about $1,000 per month for the two of them and their baby. Adding it all up and including food, car payments, insurance, gas, and entertainment, their average expenses in Hawaii were around $8k per month.

Lower Cost of
Living in Portugal

Since moving to Portugal, they have been amazed at the delicious food and wine, how easy it is to travel around and get to know the world, how beautiful the country is, and how possible it is to get the proper documentation and relocate here.

In Portugal you get to have concierge doctors at home, making it very convenient. If someone is not feeling well, call, and a family doctor is sent whenever necessary. Plus, here, we also have free government health insurance.

Public schools are great, and some private schools follow the Italian model, which focus mostly on emotional intelligence. It is wonderful! Teachers are affectionate and loving.

Portugal also hosts world-class surfing competitions and one beach in Nazaré (only about 30 miles from Brint’s office) is known for having the biggest waves in the world.

Easy and Hassle-
Free Visa Process

Unlike some other nations, Portugal is a very warm and welcoming country.

That’s why what Brint’s team does now — they help other expats settle into their new lives in Portugal. Living in the US as expats and owning their own business, helped Mariana and Romulo to understand how much Americans appreciate their privacy. So, we can give you the help you need while respecting your personal space.

Our team and network of trusted professional including real estate and immigration lawyers, realtors, inspectors, concierge service providers, etc, are experienced and knowledgeable about every aspect of Portuguese life and culture.

Like anywhere else, real estate in Portugal is a street asset. You really need somebody on the ground with hands-on experience who understands the local dynamics and who can identify the best investments.

Brint has the experience and knowledge to evaluate the scenario, explain the options, and negotiate with transparency so we can help guide you toward the best properties and investments.

BRINT Portugal is passionate about helping future expats and investors to create a rich, rewarding new life for you and your family in Portugal or simply protect your assets by diversifying your portfolio. We look forward to showing you around!

Click in consultation and let’s see if we are a match for what you are looking for.


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We only work
for the buyer

Portugal real estate is a street asset, you need to be on the ground to understand the local dynamics to choose the best investments. In order to avoid conflict of interest, we don't work for property owners. With unlimited property inventory we work with the major national seller agents representing our international buyers.

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We coordinate

One-stop shop for all your Portugal Real Estate investment & relocation needs. As Exclusive Buyers Agents we will be loyal to you and not the seller. We will be your eyes in the entire process, introducing you to our trusted network while coordinating the entire process.

21 protection

We provide Real Estate
Premium Concierge

Through our concierge services, we help you with your rental license, insurances, maintenance of your property in your absence. Contracting public utility services (water, electricity, gas, TV, phone, internet), Rentals, Cleaning, House Sitting, Gardening, Decoration, Remodeling, etc.

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We are
High Achievers

Go-Getter Mentality: Our team has been living abroad (US, Brazil and Portugal) as expats for over 20 years, they have the experience to take our clients from A to Z, while paying attention to small details, trying constantly to beat the Portugal slow pace and expedite processes.

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The necessary assistance for you and for your family when arriving in Portugal. Airport Service Meet, Mini Bus Rental for all passengers, Fiscal Number, Bank Account, Sworn Translations, Utilities Connection, Assistance on getting Social Security and Medical Numbers, School Registration, Driver's License, etc.

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A to Z

Moving to Portugal is both exciting and challenging. We take care of all the relocation services you may need. We create a bridge between your country & Portugal! We coordinate the entire visa and Portugal real estate process, allowing you to better focus on your moving needs.

We turn stress into peace of mind

Enjoy this journey as we take care of the rest

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