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Exclusive Premier Portugal Buyer's Agency

Brint Portugal is a Real Estate Agency expert in the Portuguese Market. We are EXCLUSIVE Buyer’s Agents (EBA), never working for the seller. We will show you multi-agency unlimited listings, perform market study, send credit dossier to multiple banks, negotiate the best deals, terms and contingencies on your behalf, protect you legally, do documents research, title survey, conduct property inspection, property management and never work for the property owner.

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Brint had the privilege to help Michael and his family to buy their house here in Portugal, as their exclusive buyer's agency.

We asked him to share his experience as a seasoned real estate investor in the US, buying in Portugal. Here is his testimonial:

As an exclusive buyer’s agent (EBA  –  a concept well known all around the world), we only work for the buyer. Traditional agents, although great in what they do, are double agents, meaning they work for both, the seller and the buyer; therefore, they will always try to get the best deal for the property’s owner. Also, bank loan assistance and legal protection are handled by a third party, usually recommended by them.

In Portugal, it is standard that commissions are paid by the property owner to both agents involved. In our share, we work hard to make sure you will find a one-stop agency, where we negotiate the lowest price,  best bank rates, terms, and conditions while taking care of the property’s document evaluation and legal protection, with the CPCV (promissory contract) contingencies.  A contract gives us the ability to start representing you in Portugal.

The services below are included in our EBA Package.
It takes from 2 to 4 months to complete the whole process.

“you completely filtered all the stress for us!” – Nikhil and Malika

  1. Property Inspection: A detailed report with pictures will be provided (included up to 1000€);
  2. Independent  Appraisal evaluation by a Certified Third Party before putting an offer (included up to 650€);
  3. Appraiser Bank Appraisal evaluation (included up to 250€);
  4. Initial and Final Property Documents Research and Title Survey;
  5. Contract drafting, adding contingencies and revisions through lawyers and notaries;
  6. Property Search with unlimited inventory, we are independent buyer’s agents working with multiple agencies.
  7. Virtual Guided Tour on selected properties;
  8. Pictures and videos of the favorite properties;
  9. Price assessment through our systems, besides the appraisal, to get prepared to make the best negotiation.
  10. We make a verbal proposal and once it is accepted, you sign the written one;
  11. Mortgage Broker: A credit facilitator prepares a dossier with all the information needed and send it to multiple banks to find the best deal for you and negotiate with multiple banks;
  12. Loan Coordination;
  13. CPCV Draft / Revision (There is not escrow accounts in Portugal. CPCV is the promisory contract between sellers and buyers to protect the transaction) – you will be required to make a bank transfer to the property seller account to secure the down payment (usually 10%);
  14. Power of Attorneys for our agents to represent you;
  15. Insurances Referral;
  16. Deed Signature;
  17. Celebration with the Keys to your new Property in Portugal!!
  18. Property Management process starts: Open an Activity in the Finances, Get you a License, Prepare the First Aid Kit, Take Pictures, Prepare the Ads on the Rental Platforms, connect you with a rental agency that will help with the hospitality services and billing;


If you are thinking about buying residential property in Portugal for relocation, for retirement, as a vacation property, or as an investment opportunity, BRINT can serve as your exclusive Portugal buyer’s agent. With years of combined experience in the Portuguese real estate market, we can help you find the best properties, navigate the negotiation process, and help you get the best price possible. 

We specialize in finding the best potential properties, gathering all the essential information you need about the surrounding neighborhood and schools, arranging for property inspections, and even negotiating with the seller as your representative so you can get the lowest price.

When people from the US, the UK, Canada and elsewhere buy property in Portugal, they quickly realize that the process can be a lot different than it is in their home country. Negotiating a real estate purchase where you live is hard enough, but when the property is hundreds or even thousands of miles away in a foreign country where you may not even speak the language, it can be next to impossible without somebody right there on the ground looking out for your best interests.

The Portuguese home buying process can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. While it may be tempting to rely on the listing agent when inquiring about a seemingly perfect house online, it’s important to remember that the listing agent is acting on the seller’s behalf, not yours. Instead, you need to rely on BRINT Portugal to be your local advocate.

In Portugal the real estate laws are different. Buying Real Estate without a Portuguese Exclusive Buyer's Agent can be a major challenge

As your Portugal Buyer's Agent, Brint will make sure that you’re buying a property that’s fairly priced and doesn’t have any legal or planning board or zoning issues.

At BRINT Portugal, we have one job: Getting you the best property at the lowest possible price.

The duties of a traditional real estate agent in Portugal are the same as anywhere: Listing, showing, and ultimately selling property at the highest possible price on the behalf of its owner. After all, when the sale price is higher, so is the commission received by the realtor. BRINT Portugal acts as your representative, making sure you get the best property at the best value.

It is nothing new that real estate agents worldwide work for the seller of the property and are encouraged to reach the highest price for their clients.

It works the same in Portugal: Traditional brokers are paid directly by the seller and are therefore motivated to sell properties for the best price so they can get the highest possible commission. But in the Portuguese real estate market, it gets even more complex and dynamic. Because of the language barrier and the foreign buyer’s lack of local market knowledge, it is essential to have somebody right there providing impartial advice without a conflict of interest.

If something goes wrong before the closing, the seller’s broker may protect the sale even if it is not in your best interests as a buyer.

For example, let’s say the appraisal comes in lower than the sales price. In this instance, the seller’s broker has a huge conflict of interest: To make the highest sales commission, it’s in their best interest to protect the sale at the higher price!

Signing a contract with an exclusive Portugal buyer's agent is often the best way to ensure that your interests are protected

We will ensure you will have the latest market intelligence data to make an informed decision.

Many of our agents are also ex-pats themselves, so they know what it’s like to buy a property in Portugal
as a foreigner.

Our Exclusive Portugal Buyer's Agent services

• Take care of these and other matters in Portuguese;
• Take into account your top home buying priorities, then work with you to find the best properties that meet all of your search criteria;
• Guide you to the best cities, towns, or regions of Portugal that meet your lifestyle expectations and/or achieve your top investment goals;
• Search for potential properties based on your “wish list” – we can often find off-market properties that aren’t widely advertised;
• Communicate directly with realtors and private sellers to schedule viewings based on your availability;
• Visit properties on your behalf and create videos for you to view at home at your convenience;
• Evaluate the property based on similar compatibles in the area;
• Accompany you to in-person viewings to translate and help you ask the right questions;
• Help overcome setbacks. If the home inspector’s report or appraisal brings new issues to light, as your representative we can advise you on how to proceed, then act as a buffer between you and the sellers or their agent. It’s extremely helpful to have an experienced professional keeping calm and offering productive solutions, such as advice on potential issues like legal and planning permission-related problems;
• Negotiate the best price on your behalf;
• Have the hard conversations with the seller about improvements you expect to be made to the home before finalizing the transaction;
• Guide you through the closing process by making sure that important documents are not overlooked. We also can walk you through each document to explain any details that aren’t clear to you, as well as give you the information you need to complete every document properly;
• Arrange for setting up your utilities, home insurance, and other essentials prior to your moving in (through transition roadmap);
• Collaborate with lawyer and notaries if you need the D7 passive income visa.

Schedule a real estate/immigration consultation with BRINT Portugal. Our real estate representatives on the ground will be in your corner every step of the way towards your dream of living / investing in Europe.

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