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Day: June 24, 2023

Day: June 24, 2023

Who WE are

Some of our team lived in the US for almost 20 years. They lived in New Jersey / New York, Atlanta, Florida, Washington State and Hawaii. Others have lived in Portugal for over 15 years. We all know the feeling of living abroad: the language barrier, the culture shock, the daily routine adaptations.

We will not treat you as a number.  We all have dreams, fears, goals and needs that must be taken care of on a personal level.

When we meet you in the airport, when we prepare for your arrival, when we answer the phone to help you with your questions and concerns, you will feel the difference.

We nurture this culture of honor within our team, because this is our main goal: to provide a unique and meaningful experience in every part of the process.

Reasons to Choose Our Team

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Full Service

One-stop shop for all your investments & relocation needs in Portugal. We turn the stress into comfort and ease.

02 Passport
Safe Immigration

Golden Visa & Retirement Visa: We will take care of the entire process and accompany you in your interviews.

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Happy Relocation

Moving to Portugal is both exciting and challenging. We take care of all the relocation services you may need.

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Family Support

The necessary assistance for you and for your family when arriving in Portugal. Fiscal Number, Driver's License, Apostille, Translations, Assistance on getting Social Security and Medical Number, School Registration, Bank Account, Sight Seeing, etc.

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Real Estate Deals

Real estate is a street asset, you need to be on the ground to understand the local dynamics to choose the best investments. We will work for you, the buyer. In order to avoid conflict of interest, we don't work for sellers. We go after what is best for you alone.

21 protection

Maintenance of your property in your absence. Contracting public utility services (water, electricity, gas, TV, phone, internet), Rentals, Cleaning, House Sitting, Gardening, Decoration, Remodeling, etc.


We are working to give you the most reliable service.

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