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5 Reasons to Consider Retirement in Portugal

5 Reasons to Consider Retirement in Portugal

Portugal Real Estate and Restirement for US Citizens

When most Americans think of retirement destinations, they usually think of things like extra expenses, cheap and affordable healthcare, security, stability, and most of all, the weather.

Popular retirement locations across the United States, such as Florida and Arizona, are becoming crowded with retirees in search of these five qualities of a retirement destination. Unfortunately, the popularity of these places is increasing the prices of housing and medical appointments, traffic congestion, crime.

Consider Portugal – Retirement in Portugal

The fact is that Portugal, the warm and sunny European country with a whole beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean, offers everything that most US pensioners want and much, much more.

Let’s start with the weather: The weather in Portugal is comparable to what you would find in Southern California. This means that it is almost always sunny, warm and comfortable. In most of the country, the harsh winter is practically unknown. However, summers are temperate and mild.

Then there is Portugal’s reputation for security and stability. The country was recently named one of the three safest nations in the world, with very few violent crimes and a stable and efficient government taking shape.

Living Large – Retirement in Portugal

Many retired Americans are delighted to find that their money goes much further in Portugal than in Arizona or Florida. On the one hand, housing can be cheap but luxurious. On the other hand, things like food prices, utilities and transport costs are much lower. Also, there are far fewer people congesting the streets and highways, so it’s easier to get around.AFF10A65 A0DB 433F BFFB 1201DA77682D 2

Finally, there is health care. Portugal has one of the best universal health programs in the world, offering its citizens affordable but world-class services for everyone, regardless of income or origin. In addition, under the Portuguese National Health Services, children under 18 years old and over 65 years old receive complete care free of charge.

If you’re thinking about spending your golden years in one of America’s popular and bustling retirement destinations, think again. Think of Portugal.


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