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More and More Americans Are Moving to Portugal

More and More Americans Are Moving to Portugal

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Did you know that an increasing number of US residents are moving to Portugal? They’re going there to enjoy a high standard of living, a safe and secure environment, and the luxury and comfort of living in a European country amidst a rich historic and cultural lifestyle.

But why are so many Americans choosing Portugal? Why not places like Paris, Rome, or Berlin? The answer may surprise you!

Benefits of Portuguese Living

The biggest and most obvious reason is cost. Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon has a significantly lower cost of living than nearly every other major European metropolitan area. Yet it is one of the most modern, culturally rich, and even fashion-forward cities on the continent.

And living outside of Lisbon can be even more affordable, especially when compared to the US. Your income can go further and you can enjoy a more luxurious and wealthy lifestyle in a place like Porto or Algarve than you ever could in most American cities.

Plus, it’s safer. Did you know that Portugal was recently named one of the top 3 safest places in the world? Compared to the US and other places, there is very little violent crime. The country has a stable government and, unlike many other European nations, its people are generally warm, welcoming, and helpful to outsiders.

Quality of Life

Most importantly, life is both richer and simpler in Portugal. Formerly one of the world’s leading powers, Portugal now enjoys a quiet existence of peace, tranquility, and stability. It has mild winters and temperate summers. And you can travel mountains to the beaches in just a few hours.

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