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Questions about Moving to Portugal Answered

Questions about Moving to Portugal Answered


People move to Portugal from the US all the time. Americans move there to work, to retire, or simply to enjoy the European lifestyle in a country that is safe, friendly, and scenic.

If you are thinking about moving to Portugal, you probably have a lot of questions. At BRINT Portugal, we are the Portugal Golden Visa experts. Our whole mission is to ease the transition of US residents and others who choose to move to Portugal.

Visit our website for answers to some of the most common questions, such as how to apply for residency or how much you need to invest to qualify for a Golden Visa. Here we want to answer share some of the more unusual questions we get.

What Do I Do with My Stuff?

People accumulate a lot of things throughout their life. If you are moving to Portugal, transporting your belongings is easy and actually affordable.

Thanks to its geographic location, Portugal offers a lot of cargo transport options, including air, rail, and ocean transport. Briefly, air cargo is the fastest — it takes about two or three days generally — but also the most expensive. Shipping by sea often is significantly cheaper if you can afford to wait for your belongings to arrive.

Must I Leave My Pet Behind?

Actually, no. The Portuguese love their pets as much as Americans do. So they would never require you to leave your beloved dog or cat behind when you move to their country.

All that’s usually required is proof of rabies vaccination. Depending on where you choose to live, some breeds of dog are considered “dangerous”, but that simply means you have to have them examined by a vet and get a special permit.

For answers to many other common questions, all you need to do is ask BRINT Portugal. We have been helping Americans and others establish new, rewarding lives in Portugal for a long time. So we have the answers you want as well as the solutions you need.


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