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Relocation Concierge Service Ease Transition Disruption

Relocation Concierge Service Ease Transition Disruption

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When you move someplace new, there is always plenty of new things to figure out. But when you relocate or retire to a foreign country such as Portugal, the transition experience can be complicated by a whole new language, culture, and bureaucracy.

That’s why people moving internationally often utilize the services of a relocation concierge service, such as BRINT Portugal. Having somebody on the ground in your new home is not only helpful but often absolutely necessary to help you navigate new everyday reality.

VISA Services

Anybody staying in Portugal for longer than three months is required to acquire a visa. The type of visa you need depends on how long you plan to stay, whether you plan to permanently relocate to Portugal, and what you plan to do there (ie. retire or own a business).

Unlike other European countries, Portugal actually welcomes and invites people to move there from the US. The Portuguese government recently simplified the visa process, and actually introduced a new Golden Visa program that lowers the barriers to entry and reduces the investment requirements for residency or even citizenship.

Yet making one’s way through any type of government bureaucracy can be difficult, if not impossible, without the help of local legal and cultural experts. BRINT Advisor can help ease the process of applying for and obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa, reducing the stress of adjusting to your new life abroad.

Other Concierge Services

But that’s just the beginning. BRINT’s concierge services can help with other aspects of your Portuguese transition as well, including coordinate moving of your belongings, help you find and move into your new home and/or launch your new business, and coordinate with utility companies and tradesmen so that your home is turn-key ready to move into.

We will even meet you at the airport to welcome your arrival, then take you on a tour of your new area so you can become acclimated with everything from schools to stores to museums and doctor’s offices. Plus, we are always available to answer questions, solve problems and do everything possible to make your new life in Portugal richer, fuller, and better.

If you are relocating or retiring to Portugal, let the relocation concierge experts at BRINT Portugal help make your move faster, easier, and problem-free.


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