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Who Can Benefit from Relocation Services?

Who Can Benefit from Relocation Services?


Unless you are one of the small percentage of people who pack up their lives and move to another country either temporarily or permanently, you may have never heard of the relocation concierge services industry.

But for people in the military, workers whose companies relocate them overseas, retirees looking to spend their Golden Years in Europe, or people just looking for a fresh and exciting new life in another country, relocation concierge services are practically indispensable.

Services Provided

A hotel concierge does things like help hotel guests extend their stay, recommends restaurants or nightclubs, helps guests acquire tickets to local sports or theater productions, and arranges transportation or even dry cleaning.

A relocation concierge service professional provides the same wide range of services, only on a much bigger scale. For example, the relocation concierge experts at BRINT Portugal can help you apply for and obtain a permanent residency visa so you can stay in Portugal indefinitely.

But they also can help you find real estate, launch a new business or invest in an existing one, and even become a Portuguese citizen.

But we don’t just help you with the big stuff. We can aid you with everyday concerns as well, like finding a local doctor, working with contractors to ensure your new home is ready to move into the moment you arrive, and recommend schools or daycare for your children.

We help you learn to live like a local.

The BRINT Difference

At BRINT Portugal, we want to be more than just your relocation concierge. We also want to get to know you on a personal level.

That’s why we will meet you at the airport when you arrive, drive you around to show you your new city or town, and help you settle into your new home. Plus, you can always call or text us anytime with any question, no matter how big or small.

Most people never need to learn how challenging it is to move to a new country. But when you have the relocation concierge experts at BRINT Portugal in your corner, the transition can be simpler, more efficient, and more rewarding.

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