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‘Okay, So Why Portugal?’

‘Okay, So Why Portugal?’


You want to move to Europe. So why should you choose Portugal? After all, other countries like France, Italy, and Germany perhaps are more well-known to the rest of the world.

That statement answers the question. Portugal is the most appealing place to move within the European Union exactly because it’s not as well known or as popular among other people who want to move to Europe. That’s also why it’s relatively less crowded, less expensive, and more safe and stable than most other European countries.

Welcoming People

Another important reason to choose Portugal over all the other places you could live in Europe is that the Portuguese people genuinely want outsiders to move there. In places like Italy and France, there’s a lot of talk about opening up borders to outsiders, but once ex-patriots arrive there they find it difficult — if not impossible — to break through the clannish nature of the natural residents.

That’s not the case with the Portuguese people, who have a reputation for being warm and welcoming to outsiders. From the biggest cities to the tiniest villages, outsiders are often shocked to learn how welcome and at home they are made to feel. It’s not something you will find anywhere else in Europe, or the world, for that matter.

Safety and Stability

Perhaps because Portugal hasn’t been a leading world power for about 250 years, the country has been able to avoid the limelight and attention that is focused on other places. As a result, it’s a more peaceful and safe country. And it experiences a level of political stability that is the envy of places like Italy, Greece, or even Germany.

That makes Portugal a great place to invest in a new home or business, put down roots for you and your family, and plan for the future in Europe’s safest and friendliest country.

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