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Life in Portugal May Not Be as Different as You Think

Life in Portugal May Not Be as Different as You Think



A lot of people from other countries who move to Portugal for retirement, relocation, a new job, or simply to a vacation home are often surprised to discover that life here isn’t all that different than life back home.

Yes, the surroundings may be dramatically different. There is year-round sunny weather, practically never-ending miles of inviting beaches, and friendly and welcoming people everywhere you go, but your everyday routines may not change all that much.

Technology Rules

For one thing, we all have become increasingly dependent on our tech devices for just about everything in our everyday lives. Your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices work the same in Portugal as they do anywhere else. You can still stream your favorite TV shows or podcasts, text with friends and family, and even track your steps every day. You will just be doing all these things in Portugal, rather than back home.

It’s almost like when you are on vacation. After the first day or two of getting adjusted to your vacation destination, it’s common to find yourself falling into the same old routines: Eating at the same times, tuning in to the TV or streaming media at the same time, even wearing many of the same clothes. The geography may be different, but your day to day living will likely be similar to what you experience right now.

A Whole New World

The best part about living in Portugal isn’t that it’s going to change your life. It’s that it doesn’t. You will still be you. You’re going to have the same likes and dislikes. Your routines probably won’t change that much.

But what will change will be the opportunity to discover a new culture, interact with friendly, helpful people who are genuinely happy that you are there, and bask in the natural splendor that Portugal has to offer. Being in Portugal is like being home, only better.

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