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Get the Best of Both Worlds

Get the Best of Both Worlds

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When you have grown up in North America, it’s hard to think about it as the “New World”. But from the perspective of Europe, that’s exactly what it is.

While the US is only a little more than 240 years old, it’s a relative youngster when compared to countries that have been around for a millennium or longer. In fact, one of the first things that strike Americans and Canadians when they visit Europe is how old everything is.

Falling in Love

Yet most visitors instantly fall in love with Europe, and with Portugal in particular. Maybe it’s the castles and public squares that are hundreds of years old. Or perhaps it’s the traditions and festivals that date back to when Portugal was a dominant world power. But mostly it’s the laid-back Portuguese lifestyle that appreciates tradition and honor over efficiency and volume.

When you come here, one of the first things you notice is that life is slower, focused more on appreciating the experience, and making the most of moments rather than trying to squeeze as much in as quickly as possible. It’s what makes people fall in love with Portugal in the first place. And it’s what keeps the coming back again and again.

Switching Gears

Now, imagine having access to that Portuguese lifestyle every day, not just during vacations. Thousands of Americans, Canadians, and others from the New World are moving back to the Old World for retirement, relocation, investment, or simply to enjoy a second home in a foreign land.

Portugal is not only the most inviting of all the European countries, it’s also the safest and most stable, both politically and economically. If you have been thinking about making Europe your new — or second — look no further than the warm, friendly, and inviting shores of Portugal.

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