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Go Back to School … in Portugal!

Go Back to School … in Portugal!



When you move to Portugal for retirement, relocation, or to work remotely, consider going back to school. And not just to learn the local language.

Lots of adults return to university to finish a degree, to pursue their interest in a new field of study, or just to enjoy the experience of learning. But when you do it in Portugal, it can be more exciting and less costly than it would be back home.

Education in Portugal

Portugal has one of the most respected higher education systems in Europe. Many of its universities and colleges are recognized by the European Union, which means graduates can find work more easily in other EU countries.

But it’s also more affordable than colleges and universities in the US, the UK, Canada, and elsewhere. For example, a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Oporto — one of Portugal’s most prestigious schools — costs only about 8,900 Euros per year or about $9,200 annually. A degree at the University of Coimbra costs about 6,340 Euros annually or about $6,566 per year.

Compare that to top schools in the US, which typically charge three, four, or even five times that or higher. A degree from MIT or Harvard can cost upwards of $60,000 per year.

Speaking of Portuguese

Don’t speak Portuguese? Don’t worry. Many schools teach courses in English as well as Portuguese, although they may charge a little bit more for classes. And if you are going back to school anyway, why not take a course in Portuguese and learn the local language?

And don’t worry if you are an older adult. Unlike the United States, high school graduates don’t necessarily look to go to college right away. Many will pursue a career track first and return to school to get a degree later in life. So the average age of the university student is much higher than in the US.

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