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You’ve Got a Friend in Portugal

You’ve Got a Friend in Portugal

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“I can’t move to Portugal … I don’t even know anybody there!”

One of the scariest things about moving someplace new is not knowing what to expect. You don’t know where anything is, how anything works, or even anybody there. Now multiply that by a hundred when you move to an entirely new country — or even a new continent!

But when you move to Portugal, you can take at least one anxiety off your list. That’s because you already have a friend in Portugal: The friendly and helpful people at BRINT Portugal.

BRINT Portugal

At BRINT Portugal, our whole job is to make people just like you seamlessly transition into your new life in Europe’s most beautiful and inviting country. We can make all of the arrangements for you before your arrival, including helping find a new place to live, guiding your Golden Visa application through the process, and even enrolling your children in local schools and getting your utilities turned on.

Then when you finally do arrive here, we can be at the airport to meet you personally, give you a tour of your new hometown, and deliver you right to your doorstep. But our interaction doesn’t end there. We can also handle things like helping you open a Portuguese bank account, find legal help and guidance, and even show you where the best stores and nightlife are near your new home.

True Friends

Portugal is a happy place where people genuinely care about others. Unlike many of its European neighbors, Portugal welcomes new residents and its people are excited to show you their culture and traditions.

So if the only thing keeping you from making the move to Portugal is that you don’t know anybody here, you can take that off your list. We’re here for you. After all, that’s what friends are for!

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