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Let’s Talk about Surfing in Portugal …

Let’s Talk about Surfing in Portugal …



Surfing – Most people think the best surfing in the world is in places like Hawaii, Australia’s Gold Coast, or even the Horn of Africa.

But what most non-surfers don’t know is that Portugal offers the best surfing for both seasoned professionals and absolute beginners.

Most experienced surfers know about Portugal. But many don’t like to talk about it publicly because they fear the best surfing spots will become overcrowded, overexposed, or overly commercial like Waikiki or Malibu. You might say that Portugal is the surfing world’s best-kept secret.

Surfing – Big Waves, Beginner’s Waves

What you may not know is that Portugal has both the world’s biggest waves and the most reliable and calm for beginners.

Let’s start with the biggest. A unique underwater canyon off the coast of Nazare, on Portugal’s west coast, results in a water swell that can result in king-sized waves of 80 feet or higher. These are the tallest, most powerful, and most dangerous waves in the world. Even the most experienced surfers think twice before trying to conquer Nazare.

But just a short drive away, along Portugal’s southern coast in The Algarve, are some of the most consistent and predictable waves that are ideal for the beginner surfer. Thanks to its unique geological location, the beaches of The Algarve have a consistent swell yet aren’t affected by the tide, making its waves ideal for learning how to surf. Plus, the waters are naturally some of the warmest around Portugal, so surfers can stay in the water all day if they want.

Learn to Surfing

Surfing is fun for people of all ages, from the youngest kids to the oldest adults. In Portugal, you can enjoy the best the surfing world has to offer — at both extremes — only without the crowds and commercialism.

Learning to surf may not be the top of your list of reasons to move to Portugal, but it certainly is a great side benefit.

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