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Is Everything Cheaper in Portugal? Pretty Much!

Is Everything Cheaper in Portugal? Pretty Much!


Living in laid-back Portugal can cost far less than living in the US, South Africa, UK or other big, busy places. Things like food, housing, health care, and even transportation costs are often significantly lower than in other countries. Plus, you very often can get more for your money.

Because you need less money to live well in Portugal, it opens the door to the idea of early retirement. Rather than working until you are 65, 68, or even 70 or older for a modest retirement where you live now, you may be able to retire right away and live luxuriously in one of Europe’s most sought-after communities.

Eating and Living Well

The cost of food is lower in Portugal because the average wage is lower than in places like the US. The typical worker in Portugal makes about €925 per month (based on 2019 figures). That works out to a little over $12,000/year. Yet many Portuguese tend to live healthier, happier lives while eating more luxuriously than people in the US and even in the rest of Europe.

The typical Portuguese diet includes lots of fresh fish, poultry, beef, pork, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, and cheeses. Food is often purchased in central markets or public squares and prepared fresh the same day. That helps promote healthy eating and better overall health.

Affordable Luxury Housing

Compared to the US, buying or renting residential real estate in Portugal is often shockingly affordable. Even in Lisbon, the country’s biggest city, apartments, condos, and even houses can be gotten for a fraction of what you would pay for similar accommodations where you live now.

And all that extra money? You can use it to travel throughout Europe, which is practically right in your own backyard.

Thanks to lower food, housing, transportation, and other living costs, retiring early and living in the culturally and historically rich nation of Portugal isn’t just a fantasy. To learn more about how you can fulfill your dream of living in Europe earlier than you ever thought possible, consult the experts at BRINT Portugal.

Living Well

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