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Why Portugal?

Why Portugal?


People who travel to Europe from the US, Canada, and elsewhere often fall in love with its rich history, its culture and traditions, and, of course, its beautiful, stirring scenery. Afterwards, many make plans to settle there for retirement, relocate there for work, or purchase a vacation home that allows them to return to the continent as often as they like.

There are lots of great places to buy property in Europe, including France, Germany, Italy, and even Greece. So why should Portugal be at the top of your list? There are a lot of great reasons.

Warm and Inviting Culture

First, many European countries put on a good face for visitors because they want the tourist dollars. But they make it difficult for people to emigrate there. And once outsiders arrive, they often find it difficult to be accepted into the culture.

Portugal, however, is a warm and inviting country that warmly embraces people from the US and elsewhere. English is widely spoken and in both the large cities and small towns, outsiders are made to feel welcome and an important part of the community.

Legal Emigration

It’s also easier to obtain permanent residency, even citizenship, in Portugal than it is in most other European countries. While other European nations put up hurdles to keep outsiders away, Portugal leads the continent in progressive immigration policies, including easy-to-obtain D7 and Golden visas that all Americans and other outsiders to invest in real estate, buy a business, or stay in the country as long as they want, even permanently.

When you are ready to learn more about why Portugal should be your first choice for a European vacation home, retirement location, or business investment, BRINT Portugal has the answers. Our team of experienced, helpful personal ambassadors will help streamline the transition to your new life in beautiful, sunny Portugal.

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