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Now Is the Time to Buy Property in Portugal

Now Is the Time to Buy Property in Portugal

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As inflation fears grip the US and elsewhere property prices in Portugal are rising. But there are still bargains available even in the biggest cities and most popular areas. You just need to know where to look.

At BRINT, we continually monitor real estate listings throughout Portugal in order to find the best deals for our clients. And while the asking prices are definitely going up, our experienced negotiators may be able to get you a better deal than if you were to try to purchase property on your own.

Rising Real Estate Prices

Overall, real estate prices went up an average of 1.3 % in February compared to January. But some cities and regions experienced higher price increases than others.

In February, home prices rose in 14 district capitals, with Évora (11%) and Guarda (8.7%) leading the list, according to The Portugal News. It is followed by Castelo Branco (4.5%), Ponta Delgada (3.1%), Funchal (2.2%), Viseu (2.1%), Faro (2%), Santarém (1.8%), Lisbon (1.4%), Porto (1.3%), Aveiro (1.2%), Viana do Castelo (1%), Leiria (0.7%) and Beja (0.5%). On the other hand, buying a house was cheaper in Portalegre (-3%), Coimbra (-2.5%), Braga (-0.9%), Bragança (-0.6%), Vila Real (-0, 2%) and Setúbal (-0.1%).

Not surprisingly, Lisbon is still the most expensive place to buy a house: 5,062 euros/m2. Porto (3,062 euros/m2) and Faro (2,209 euros/m2) occupy the second and third places, respectively. The cheapest cities to buy a house are Portalegre (657 euros/m2), Bragança (779 euros/m2), Castelo Branco (800 euros/m2), Guarda (826 euros/m2) and Beja (848 euros/m2).

BRINT Portugal

The real estate experts at BRINT can find your ideal property, negotiate the best price with the seller, and even close the deal as your local representative. You may never have to leave your home country until you are ready to pick up the keys to your new home or business.

While prices for real estate in Portugal are going up like everywhere else, the dedicated and experienced representatives at BRINT Portugal can still help you find your dream home or next business opportunity at prices that fit your budget.


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