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The Algarve Is Ideal for American Relocation and Retirement

The Algarve Is Ideal for American Relocation and Retirement

When people from the US consider a move overseas, they often are looking for a different experience … but not too different.

There inevitably will be culture shock when uprooting your life and your family and moving to a foreign country. So it’s a good idea to mitigate feelings of dislocation by moving somewhere that is at least a little bit like America.

In Portugal, that area is The Algarve.

Portugal’s Most American Region

Perhaps the biggest benefit of relocating to The Algarve region of Portugal is that English is spoken by about 90 percent of the people who live there. So that instantly removes one of the biggest barriers to acclimation: Language.

But another big reason The Algarve is so attractive to American ex-patriots is that it looks and feels a lot like a mid-sized waterfront American city, such as Miami or Tampa Bay. It features modern architecture, is located on the Atlantic Ocean, and has plenty of ready-made, American-style housing that will be instantly recognizable, including townhouses built on golf courses, plenty of beachfront properties, as well as a wide variety of sky-high condominiums.

Attractive and Affordable

Make no mistake: The Algarve is an important part of Portuguese culture. Thanks to its year-round warm weather, photogenic beaches, and modern skyline, it’s a vacation destination for millions of Europeans every year. Yet it still has deep roots in Portugal’s history and culture.

The Algarve offers people relocating or retiring from America affordable, spacious housing with all the amenities they want. For a fraction of what you might pay for a home on Miami Beach or another beachfront city, you can often get twice the home and all of the luxury in The Algarve.

If you are among the many Americans considering relocating or retiring to Portugal, The Algarve should definitely be at the top of your list for possible permanent home destinations. And when you are ready to act, BRINT Portugal are ready to help. Call today to learn more about our Golden Visa assistance program.



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