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Spend Your Golden Years in Sunny Portugal

Spend Your Golden Years in Sunny Portugal


When people in the United States start thinking about retirement, the first places that typically come to mind are Florida, Arizona, or maybe Southen California. Sure, the weather in these retirement destinations are warm and sunny, but there are other factors to consider, including overcrowding, the high cost of living, and increasing crime and taxes.

For the discerning retiree, there’s someplace else to consider, a destination that not only offers the same enjoyable climate, but more safety, a better quality of life, and uninterrupted access so some of the world’s best history and culture: Portugal.

Why Portugal?

If you approaching 65 and starting to think about retirement, you might consider adding Portugal to your list of possible destinations. Why? Because Portugal has all of the best things US retirement meccas have to offer (and more!) and far fewer drawbacks.

Did you know that Portugal was recently named the third safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index? The international body took into account such factors as the crime rate, the stability of government, environmental risks, and many more.

Portugal also has some of the most affordable luxury properties located in some of the most scenic places anywhere. With more than 1,100 miles of coastland, Portugal also is home to many of the world’s most beautiful beaches. No wonder Portugal was named “Best Country to Retire” by International Living magazine in 2020.

Luxurious Retirement Lifestyle

Your retirement savings can also go a lot further in Portugal because even the most luxurious properties are more affordable. And the everyday cost of living is much lower than in American retirement destinations.

And when you add in the food, culture, history, and easy access to all of Europe, it’s easy to see why so many US seniors are choosing Portugal as their retirement home. Want to learn more? Brint Portugal can help!


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