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Affordable European Living Is Possible in Portugal

Affordable European Living Is Possible in Portugal



Many people who visit Europe dream of living there. Americans, Canadians, Australians, South Africans, and others can’t help falling in love with all of the European culture, history, and lifestyle.

But the biggest thing that holds most people back from actually achieving their dream of a new life in Europe is the expense. Living in Europe costs a lot more than living anywhere else, right? Not necessarily.

The Value of Portugal

Thanks to the European Union, people living in of the 26 countries making up the Schengen Area essentially have no international borders. That means if you live in Greece, Italy, Germany, or France, you can enjoy free and unrestricted movement throughout Europe in the same way Americans can travel throughout the United States.

And while it’s true that it can be quite expensive to live in cities like Paris, Rome, or Berlin, there is one country that offers exceptional value as well as free access to most of Europe … and actually is inviting outsiders to move there: Portugal.

Benefits of Portugal

Portugal is located on the Iberian peninsula just west of Spain. Practically its entire Western border is beachfront property along the Atlantic coast.

It has the climate of Southern California, the history of Europe, and a population that is friendly and welcoming to newcomers from the US, Canada, and elsewhere. And it’s also one of the most affordable places to live in the world, let alone Europe.

A recent comparison of the cost of living between residents of Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon and New York City illustrates how Portugal offers European living at an outstanding value. Everything from food to travel to utilities is significantly lower in Lisbon compared to NYC. For example, Lisbon’s rent is 210.9% lower than New York City’s for comparable properties.

Portugal makes it possible for you to live in Europe for less than what you currently pay for where you live now, putting your dream of living in Europe finally within reach.

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