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Buy, Rent or Build?

Buy, Rent or Build?

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constructionMany people considering a move to Portugal have some confusing ideas about housing here. Some think that every building is 1400 years old, that there hasn’t been new construction since Columbus sailed for the New World, and that they should be prepared to pay Manhattan prices for European living.

None of that is accurate. The truth is that Portugal is a modern, forward-looking country with plenty of new construction and affordable living just like anywhere else. Finding a place to live here is pretty much like looking for housing wherever you live now: It just takes a little time, patience, and an open mind.

Rent or Buy?

One of the most common questions we get from new clients is whether they should rent or buy a place in Portugal. The answer depends on a lot of different factors, many of which you already have answered.

If you rent now because you want to be more mobile and try out different places before settling down, none of that changes once you move here. There are plenty of apartments, including lots of new construction that wouldn’t be out of place in the typical American suburb.

Perhaps the biggest difference between choosing a rental property in Portugal and the US is that if you want to live in an ancient building that was built in the 15th Century, you can probably find that here if you look hard enough.

What About New Construction?

What if you want to have a new home built for you? That’s entirely possible in Portugal. You can even bring your own plans from where you live now if you want.

Portugal has as many skilled building and construction contractors as anywhere else, all of whom are more than capable of building your dream home in the location of your choice. And when it comes to finding a contractor, dealing with local building and zoning laws, and other specialized local knowledge, that’s where your friends at BRINT Portugal can help.

The secret to finding a great place to live in Portugal is the same as it is anywhere else: Knowing what you want and having friends who can help you find it.

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