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UK Travel Restrictions Lifted for Portugal

UK Travel Restrictions Lifted for Portugal


Leiria1Travelers from the UK may begin to travel to Portugal freely as early as May 17 after government officials announced the plan to remove the country from its “red list” of high-risk destinations.

UK transportation secretary Grant Shapps announced that Portugal will be removed from the list. Restrictions had been placed on travel to Portugal by UK residents as a result of its strong links with Brazil where a variant of the coronavirus was detected.

The UK still has 32 countries on its restrictive travel list including the UAE, Brazil, South Africa, and other countries mostly in Latin America and southern Africa.

Summer Tourist Season

News of the lifting of the restrictions comes just as millions of UK residents start planning their summer holiday travel. Portugal has always been a popular destination for Brits due to its many beautiful beaches, its affordability, and the welcoming nature of its people. Now tourists from the UK, the USA, and elsewhere can look forward to once again enjoying the scenic and historic country’s many bustling cosmopolitan cities and charming small towns.

Cases of coronavirus in Portugal have plummeted in recent months. Current COVID infection currently s around one-seventh lower than in the UK. Portugal’s health officials have been praised for their swift response and stunning effectiveness at reducing rates, giving the country an advantage over Italy and Greece in the competition for this year’s summer tourists.

Appeal of Portugal

Portugal has always been one of the best-kept secrets of European travel. Unlike many of its neighbors, Portugal has always welcomed outsiders with open arms, inviting them to share in the country’s rich cultural heritage, deep history, and outstanding food and drink options.

Now, as other European countries struggle to get the virus under control and ramp up vaccinations, thanks to its foresight and commitment Portugal is ready to reap the rewards of its efforts during the coming summer tourist season.

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