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‘Where Should I Live in Portugal?’

‘Where Should I Live in Portugal?’

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PortugalPerhaps the hardest part about moving to a foreign country is deciding where to live. Portugal has opened up its borders to people from the US, Canada, UK, and elsewhere with its innovative and inviting Golden Visa program. But it’s up to the applicants to decide which of the country’s many regions and towns to choose as their new home.

A good place to start is looking back on your previous visits to Portugal. Did you visit one of its busy cities such as Porto or Lisbon? Or perhaps the beachfront resort region of The Algarve? Did you tour any of the smaller yet historically and culturally rich towns of the north? Which did you like best? More importantly, in which can you see yourself living in the future?

No Bad Choices

One thing that makes it easier to decide is that there are no wrong choices. Practically everywhere in Portugal is rich with natural beauty, cultural significance, and historical importance. And the people of Portugal are friendly and outgoing everywhere, from the smallest rural community to the biggest, bustling metropolitan area.

Another positive is that you already have somebody in Portugal who can give you practical advice and knowledgeable recommendations. BRINT Portugal helps people settle into their new Portuguese homes every day. We can recommend communities, neighborhoods, and even specific homes or apartments. In fact, once you settle on a place, we can research available properties and take you on a tour to help find you the perfect new home for you and your family.

BRINT On Your Side

It’s always easier moving someplace new when you already know somebody who lives there. BRINT Portugal will meet you when you arrive, help you get adjusted to your new culture, and even assist you in finding a new house, apartment, or vacation property.

So don’t worry, you already have friends in Portugal!

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