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Portugal’s Ever-Changing Summer Travel Rules

Portugal’s Ever-Changing Summer Travel Rules

central square leiria1

central square leiria1

If there was one word to describe the rules regulating who can and can’t visit Portugal this summer, it would be “complicated”. The Portuguese government’s primary concern is to keep both residents and visitors safe from COVID-19. So there the rule-making for summer vacationers has been stop-and-go, back and forth, and continually evolving.

At various times, Portugal has given travelers from the US, UK, and elsewhere the green light, the red light, and the yellow light — sometimes all at the same time. It could be a few more weeks before the final determination is made as to who can and can’t visit the country this summer. But until then, you have a trusted advisor in-country who can answer all of your questions: BRINT Portugal.

Travel Inquiries

Because we are located within Portugal itself, BRINT Portugal is constantly monitoring the many changes regulating summer travel here. So we have the answers you need to plan your travel safely and reliably. The last thing you want is to plan a Portugal vacation then have to cancel everything at the last minute because you didn’t know the coronavirus rules. Or, worse yet, have to spend most of your vacation in quarantine rather than enjoying Portugal’s beautiful beaches, historic castles, and fascinating cultural landscape.

BRINT Portugal wants to be your Portuguese resource for questions about travel here for vacation as well as for relocation and retirement. That’s because we want you to discover the joys of Portugal and fall in love with Europe’s most beautiful and inviting country just like we did.

Questions Answered

Hopefully, Portugal will finalize its COVID rules before the summer vacation season begins in earnest. There are millions of people waiting to find out when, or if, they will be able to visit this wonderful country this year.

In the meantime, we will keep monitoring the situation and giving you the updates you need to plan your travel to Portugal.

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