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The Difference between Europe and the US

The Difference between Europe and the US

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If you have been running a successful business in the Us, you probably are familiar with the intricacies of your particular industry. But do the same skills you use to administer your business now apply to operating a similar business in Europe?

Europe in general, and Portugal in particular, are different than the US. So if you choose to invest in a similar business in Portugal in order to qualify for the country’s innovative Golden Visa program, will you have to undergo an entirely new learning curve? Or will the fundamental principles be the same?

European Complications

While obviously, the answer will depend a lot on the type of business you operate, the bottom line is that there are major differences between Portuguese culture and life in the US. As one of the oldest European cultures with a proud, rich history, Portugal simply offers a different lifestyle than the typical American would experience at home.

Everyday life in Portugal is probably more akin to what you would find in a sleepy seaside town in Florida or on the Oregon coast, for example. Even Portugal’s biggest cities, like Lisbon or Porto, don’t have the same kind of hustle and bustle as you would find in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

A Different Attitude

So while the basics of running a business are similar here, there are huge cultural differences to which you will need to become accustomed. BRINT Portugal can help.

We are your in-country resource that can answer all of your questions about your new life in Portugal. We can tell you things you probably didn’t know, such as that people in Portugal typically eat dinner in what Americans would consider very late at night. Or that Portuguese people love to travel and probably spend a lot more time on “vacation” than people in the US would even find practical.

It takes a lot to get used to living in a new country. Fortunately, you already have BRINT Portugal on your side.

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