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Remote Workers Really Can Work from Anywhere

Remote Workers Really Can Work from Anywhere

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An increasing number of businesses are allowing their employees to work from home. And not just during the pandemic. Companies are realizing that the more remote workers they have, the fewer expenses they have such as office rental, maintenance, and even employee supervision.

The global pandemic forced many businesses to accommodate work-from-home employees. But a hidden benefit was the discovery that remote workers can actually boost the bottom line.

Good for Workers, Too

But businesses’ profit and loss statements aren’t the only beneficiaries from this trend toward working from home. Workers are beginning to realize that working from home doesn’t mean working from their actual homes, but from anywhere they like. As long as they maintain the same levels of productivity so that their companies are happy, workers today can work from anywhere — even a whole other country!

When you don’t have to report to a centralized office, high-speed internet and a top-quality laptop lets you work from any place, including Portugal. In fact, government leaders in Portugal have made it easier for remote workers from other countries to relocate to Portugal so that they can enjoy the European lifestyle and culture while still maintaining their income with their current employers.

Remote Worker Visa

Portugal has eased the visa rules to allow for more remote workers to enjoy living in Portugal either full-time or part-time. Now you can live in Portugal while working for your current company remotely while gaining permanent European residency or even citizenship through visas like the D7 Visa and the Residency Permit.

If you have ever wanted to live in Europe but were held back because your company didn’t have offices there, the stars have aligned to let you achieve your dream of living and working in Portugal, one of the world’s safest and culturally rich countries.

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