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From Vacation Home to Relocation to Retirement

From Vacation Home to Relocation to Retirement

Portugal Retirement Visa and Expat Buyers Agent

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Lots of people buy real estate as a financial investment. But buying a home in Portugal also can be a great investment in your future quality of life.

A single property purchased now as a vacation home in Portugal can later become a place where you can eventually relocate and gain European citizenship. Or dual citizenship. Then, when you reach retirement age, you can retire permanently in the same place you have enjoyed so many happy times with friends and family throughout the years.

Vacation Property

Portugal is the European country that most outsiders prefer to buy rather than rent a vacation property. For one thing, the Portuguese government makes it much easier than other countries. There is far less red tape, taxes are considerably lower, and there are lots of different types of properties to choose from.

Then there are the people. Unlike other popular European countries, Portugal is populated by people who are warm and welcoming to outsiders. Making friends and getting to know your neighbors is much easier there than in places like Spain, Italy, or France because most Portuguese are genuinely happy you are there.

Transition Home

After enjoying your vacation property for many years, you can decide to relocate there permanently. Portugal makes it easy, streamlining the path to permanent residency or even citizenship with its D-7 Visa program.

From there, retirement is the next logical step. Once you set down roots in Portugal, become a member of the community, and establish a new life in a country where both the people and weather are warm and wonderful, you may choose to spend the rest of your years making the most of your home in sunny Portugal.

One piece of property can play all of these roles over the course of the rest of your life. From vacation home to relocation to retirement, you can enjoy all the benefits of living in Europe’s most desirable location.

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