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Three Reasons to Move to Portugal

Three Reasons to Move to Portugal



Why would anyone want to leave their home behind and move to Portugal? There are many reasons. Here are three.


Portugal attracts retirees from around the world because it is sunny, beautiful, and very low-key. It has an excellent health system that is subsidized by the government, plenty of fresh air and warm weather, and practically endless beaches.

It’s an ideal place for retirees who are looking for an exotic yet familiar place to spend their Golden Years enjoying their retirement with quick and convenient access to all of Europe. It’s like living on vacation for the rest of your life.


During the pandemic, a lot of companies came to the realization that they didn’t need to have all of their employees commute to a central location every day. Instead, people could get more work done while enjoying a better work/life balance by working from home.

Remote workers realized they weren’t tied to living within an easy commute to their office. They could and did work from anywhere, including someplace as far away and inviting as Portugal. Now you can relocate to a fun and exciting new life in Portugal while still keeping your current job.


Another great reason to move to Portugal is as an investment. Starting a business in Portugal or investing in a capital project can pay enormous dividends. It also may let you qualify for European permanent residency or even citizenship. Buying an existing business or starting your own is one way to qualify.

Whether you are retiring, relocating, or investing in Portugal, BRINT Portugal can help you get started. Call us today to learn more.

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