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Remote Workers Love Portugal

Remote Workers Love Portugal

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One of the unintended benefits of the global pandemic was millions of people discovering the benefits of working remotely. When COVID struck, lots of people worked from home because they had to. Now they are working from home because they want to.

And if your job allows you to work remotely, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your home. With a good-quality laptop and high-speed internet, you can work from anywhere, including in Portugal.

Work Remotely in Portugal

Really, the only difference between working remotely from your house or apartment in the US or Canada and doing it from Portugal is the time difference. And that’s a small inconvenience compared with being able to live in Europe.

Portugal has one of the best technical infrastructures in the world. Super-fast internet is available practically anywhere, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns and villages — even on the beach. Imagine working on reports or attending a Zoom meeting from the warm, sunny beaches of The Algarve. Or having a quick conversation with your boss from a stylish sidewalk cafe in Lisbon.

Remote workers in Portugal get to experience all of this and more. And, thanks to Portugal’s generous and inviting visa program, becoming a full-time resident and even a citizen of Portugal is easier than ever.

Life in Portugal

Portugal offers the best of Europe at prices practically anybody can afford. Rents and home prices are affordable. Education and health care are top-rated. And the culture is laid back, safety-focused, and stable. The same can’t be said about a lot of other more popular European countries.

If you are going to move anywhere in Europe, Portugal should be your first choice. And if you can work remotely from anywhere, why not make it one of Europe’s most up and coming and technologically advanced countries?


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