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How to Find an Attorney in Portugal

How to Find an Attorney in Portugal



People need the help of attorneys for all kinds of things, including closing real estate deals, settling immigration issues, and filing or defending lawsuits.

In your home country, finding an attorney is relatively straightforward: You can either look for one online or get a recommendation from a friend or family member. But what do you do if you need the help of an attorney in a foreign country, such as Portugal? Fortunately, BRINT has the help you need!

Portuguese Law

In Portugal, like most other countries, there are lots of available attorneys. But unlike the US, the UK, and elsewhere a larger percentage of lawyers are sole practitioners rather than members of big law firms. Portuguese attorneys, known as “Advogados”, are much more likely to strike out on their own rather than be a member of a law firm. This allows them to be masters of multiple types of law, rather than specializing in one specific area.

Advogados in Portugal must be members of the “Ordem dos Advogados” — or Portuguese Bar Association – in order to practice law anywhere in the country. Like other places, would-be Portuguese attorneys must enroll in a post-graduate law degree program and then pass the bar exam.

Finding an Attorney

Trying to hire an attorney in a foreign country can be complicated. But not when BRINT Portugal is on your side. We work with many different highly-experienced Portuguese attorneys on a weekly and even daily basis. So we can recommend the right one for your specific legal issues, whether it is closing on a new home purchase, representing you in the visa application process, or any other purpose.

Connecting our clients with top-quality Portuguese attorneys is just one of the many services offered by the experts at BRINT Portugal, your friend in Portugal.

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