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Let’s Face It: Portugal Is Europe’s Best Country!

Let’s Face It: Portugal Is Europe’s Best Country!



There are a lot of reasons why you should consider moving to Portugal for retirement, relocation, or for having a second home. But the most important reason is that of all the countries in Europe, Portugal is the best one. There, we said it!

Why? There are a lot of reasons, including its weather, its location, its culture, and its people.,

Portugal’s Weather

Portugal is surrounded on two sides by the Atlantic Ocean. So the whole country benefits from warm ocean breezes, fresh Atlantic air, and plenty of sunshine. Like California, Portugal’s proximity to the sea naturally results in a temperate climate that offers good weather all year round.

But there’s more than just the weather to recommend Portugal as your next new home. Just as California is the westernmost state in the continental US, Portugal sits on the western edge of the European continent. So it is far enough away from its neighbors to do its own thing yet close enough that you can get anywhere in Europe by car, rail, or air relatively quickly.

Culture and People

Perhaps the biggest thing Portugal has going for it is its people. Unlike many other European countries, Portugal’s population is naturally warm and inviting to outsiders. It’s not cold and clannish like France and Germany. And it doesn’t take itself too seriously like Switzerland or Italy. Instead, people in Portugal appreciate life, are open to other cultures and enjoy the best food, drink, and good times.

If you have been considering a move to Europe, let BRINT Portugal tell you more about Portugal’s innovative and inviting Golden Visa program. Now you can achieve European permanent residency or even full citizenship in the continent’s warmest and most inviting country.

Portugal truly does have it all. At BRINT Portugal, we love helping people discover the benefits of living and loving life in Portugal.

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