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Is Portugal the California of Europe? Maybe …

Is Portugal the California of Europe? Maybe …

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In the US, California is one of the most popular places to live, and even to visit. People are attracted to the Golden State because there is so much to do there, from the glamor of Hollywood to the diversity of San Francisco to the luxury of Wine Country. There are beaches and mountains, deserts and large cities, all within a few hours’ drive from each other.

In many ways, Portugal is the California of Europe. Like the US state, Portugal offers a huge diversity of cultures, environments, and entertainment offerings. And while it’s a large country — it’s about the same size as Indiana — it’s still small enough to get around easily, affordably, and conveniently.

Portugal’s Climate

So, like California, Portugal’s climate generally is warm and sunny most of the time. The south, which includes the beach resort area The Algarve, is more arid. The northwest is rainier. And the northeast has long and warm summers, like California’s Big Valley.

Winter in Portugal is warmer than in most other European countries. In Lisbon, the average daily temperature in January is 14.7C or 58.5F degrees, which is on par with Los Angeles. In fact, Portugal gets more hours of sunshine per year than California. Plus, the winters are more temperate.

Where History and Culture Meet

Where California is relatively young — it was only made a state in 1850 — Portugal has been a part of Europe for many centuries. And, in fact, up until the end of the 17th Century, it was one of the most powerful and influential nations, leading the world in exploration and learning. Today, Portugal is widely recognized as one of the safest and stablest nations in Europe and, indeed, the world.

Both California and Portugal are home to beautiful mountains, many miles of beaches, and fascinating and culturally diverse cities. Finally, both are generally open-minded and inviting to people from other places.

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